Vlog 7: Babblings of a lonely, psycho-ed, exam-soaked brain

By Aneesah, 16 May 08

I always make vlogs when I’m the only one in the whole dang house. I guess coz there’s nobody to talk to, so I substitute the poor poor camera (and now you! :D ). This vlog is extra long (20+ minutes) and boring (monotonous voices unite!) and has lots of … uh, rotations of the frame, because I kept turning the camera’s orientation from portrait to landscape. ^^; Some notes after the jump, so click Read the rest of this entry first before playing the vid. :)


  1. I really need to remember to turn off Auto White Balance next time. The colour changes are slightly disturbing: I look really pale yellow one moment and then tan and then brown in the next minute. :roll:
  2. Oh yeah, the frame also moves around because there were… uh, technical problems, shall I say? :T If you must know, I was wearing a ¾-sleeve t-shirt, so my lower arm was visible at some points and I had to try and not show that, although I missed a few times. :| (Sidenote for non-Muslims: for a female Muslim, our whole arm, up to the wrist, is part of the aurat/awrah, which must be covered when we are in public / among non-immediate-family-members.)
  3. ironnmatBought them already! ^_^ Very cheap Mydin stuff though, hence the rather UG blue-roses-print. :T But well, at least they’re clean…! I’m gonna buy a new bathroom mat to replace that hideous greyed thing that was around since before I came to this room last year. O_o Somehow I never had the guts to make any changes to the place when my housemates were around, heheh. Oh, and possibly the ironing board cover as well. :x
  4. Made with MemoriesOnTV! :boogie: Sorry, ‘bit of advertising here. :P It’s a simple but very useful and powerful slideshow / video-editing programme. The saving-to-FLV-format was quick and easy too, and my video shrunk from a size of 200+MBs to 30+MBs. :D
  5. More of what Mr Embong (guest moderator) said: “Usually architecture students are messy, chaotic… you know…” (and at this point I was so sure he was describing Muhsin, my classmate. :lol: ) But our own lecturer also mentioned my “organised” display, and not in a negative way, heh. :T I guess it can be both a bad or good thing, although I still don’t think I’m that organised. =( Am I?
  6. When I said “last time I showed you my old room” etc., I was referring to Vlog 3, which was taken in my previous, much dirtier and pathetic-er hostel room. :nod:
  7. The blog that I was referring to was The Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic. (Moon, you know this blog, right? :D ) I am in obvious need of non-academic reading material, aaaargh! :mad:
  8. Actually, I realised, after these few days of exams, that I’m just not the kind of person that could focus 100% of myself on studying, for this whole 37 or so days. :shake: For every time that I study, my brain seems to want to do something more leisurely, to “reward” itself. :roll: So… I guess everything needs a balance. I’ll keep on blogging and post those highly annoying survey bulletins on Friendster ;) , and since my art supplies are still here I might just do stuff with it so as to not let my right brain shrivel up and die.
  9. I was referring to Etsy.com, an online store system/community for buying/selling handmade items. And I probably meant bank… transfers? Not transactions. ^^;
  10. I now remember that I forgot to explain my AS Art bridge concept in more detail, but it’s basically what I wrote on the dA page, and about the web of life, it’s the quote below. So when you look at the bridge from its side, it has the same shape as a spider’s web. :)

All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth,
befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.
Man did not weave the web of life;
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself.

-Ted Perry

Gotta go gotta go. Enough “leisurely activities” for now. -_-; 18 more papers and 35 days till freedom! Byes!

zipRainbow zippers, w00t.P.S. Only great thing about the exam season: The internet is crazy fast! :dance: It took less than a minute to download a 3MB Youtube video just now.

P.P.S. Speaking of Youtube, Elf pointed out this girl (kmontero87 on youtube, unfortunately the account seems to be closed already) to me awhile ago, saying she looks like me! :o Whaddya think? Yes/no? Maybe? (I think she’s an awesome singer, by the way. :boogie: Something I totally can’t say about myself. :T )

P.P.P.S. Retail therapy works so well for exam blues… I bought a gazillion zippers today. And beads. For future craftingness, heehee. :D


  1. elf says:

    duuddee! i.. can’t c the vlog?! where did it goooo?!

    classes doesn’t start till like 11.25 – so i hv a lot of time to watch! BUT WHERE IS IT! there’s this direct link but when i click it, it says..



  2. Aneesah says:

    :( You breaked (I mean broke) the vlog! :cry: Nah, I dunnola, maybe something wrong with the host site thing. Hopefully it’ll work soon!

  3. elf says:

    :shock: :shake: :shakefist: :cry:

  4. Aneesah says:

    There, there, dear elf. *pats head between pointy ears*

  5. elf says:

    snifs** got tissue? x)

    wait! i can’t watch it nowww hv to wait till 2morro- whn i reli hv nothing to do :clap: can’t wait! now.. don’t DIE ON ME VLOG!!!

  6. elf says:

    HEELLLOOOO! guess wht! i jst finished watchin itt! jst tht, i was wondering.. it didn’t reli.. hv an ending now did it.. or did the vlog cut on me? 0_o”

    gosh aneesah, u mst’ve been very bored to talk for 20 min! i cud nevr do tht!!!! tht’s amazing! bravoo!! :clap:
    fyi whn i was watching this.. fluffy ball was. or i mean still on my lap.. and so i gt very distracted from.. all the.. noices he made.. n the coins he was playing with…

    fluffy ball: is he crying? pointing at the smily faces.

    elf: mhmm..

    fluffy ball: so wht does he want?

    elf: i x kno.. go ask aneesah..

    fluffy ball: *continues his … coin.. game.

    here he wants to talk to u

    me: say hi aneesah
    him: aneela?
    me: no.. aneesah.
    him: aneesah?!
    me: yes..
    him: ok.. how do u spell aneesah.. annnneesah. does it start with an n?
    me: yes… oh wait! NO! A!!
    him:where’s a??! oh.. here it is ! ** types the letter a
    wht’s next?
    me: annnnnnnneeesah.. annnnnnnn.. wht does tht sound?
    him: b??
    me: no…. does nnnnnn sounds like b?
    him: no.. m?
    me: no.. n
    him: m??
    me: no… N
    him: m??
    me: =_=; no.. N
    him: N?
    me: yes!!
    him:… runs and went to his room to play his trains…

    me: :roll:
    anyways.. seriously, it SHOULD B GOOD THAT YOU’RE ORGANIZE!! man.. they’re.. coo coo heads.. seriously.. :shakefist: n ur place is.. very empty.. DUH! xD i like how whn u went to ur room.. everything is soooOoooOOoOO.. dull.. and thn when u passed ur bed.. it’s like.. BAM! COLOR! ahaha..
    ………….. i 4gt wht i was going 2 say………………. :shake: oh well.. :suspicious:

  7. Aneesah says:

    Dude! I’m awake at 3:19am, still reading Stats, wheee~ :roll:
    Anyway, fwuffy ball, it’s NNNNNN! N N N! Ah-neeeeeee-sahhhhh. Make sure he gets it right. Or next time I see him, I’ll teach him myself. :boogie:
    Oh, and crying face wants exams to end. Yes.

    There’s a kind of ending credits at the end, right after I quickly said bye-bye ’cause the memory was almost full. Did the credits show? The last words was a copyright 2008 message thing. :nod:
    And … yeah, I can babble on for-ev-er, it’s slightly embarrassing. :T Should remember to keep it quick and less boring next time. Really. Yep, the place is so freaking empty, with only my stuff here and there. *_* Then again, my stuff is extra colourful. Even my (okay, my mum’s) car is strikingly orange. :P

  8. elf says:

    oHhhHH sounds like ur hving sum fun! ;P i’m… uhh.. jealous? :roll: hey hey hey!! they’re going to m’sia on… uhh.. june something…
    ur mom shud meet with my mom! so my mom can gv u .. the… YOU KNOW WHAT!- actually you don’t .. HAH! cause it’s a sseeeccreettt! :lol:
    m… no.. i think the vlog cut me off… BO HOO!! i didn’t even c the credits.. you were saying something… n suddenly… it jst stopped.. bt the.. bottom.. controller thing~ was at the end already… so yeahh…

    ahaha yeah.. hamzah use to call my “mom’s” car.. (actually my dad’s) his car..
    dnt worry it’ll soon 2 b urs! n i reli like the orange color!
    did u know, m starting to not-mind the color pink anymore… isn’t tht crazy?!- bt i only like it if there’s… BLACK with it.. or.. maybe white.. pink alone.. is.. a no-no. :shake:

  9. Aneesah says:

    *gasp* A seeeekriittt? :O Wheee I’m excited already! :yay: ;)
    Ah well, but you saw most of the vlog, right? The gist is there. :P And no, the car will probably remain my mum’s, or maybe Anas’, since I’ll be flying anyway. :/ Yea, I think pink and white is okay-ish… But the pink can’t be that so-hot-my-eyes-burrrnnn pink. :shake: No no.

  10. grace says:

    hehe, that would be cool :). but who knows when i would get around to using them anyway even if you did.

    yay finally got to watch the rest of the video. i ‘m not sure i could manage to talk for that long to an empty room. hehe.
    books…i love to read, ppl used to call me a bookworm :P. in intermediate school we got to paint a mural in the locker room area of our class room, and this guy did a drawing of our class, caricature style. he drew me holding a book reading…lol. i try to make time to read, though its harder now cos of assignments and stuff.

    online store..hmm. i wouldn’t be able to sell stuff on etsy either, cos i also don’t have a credit card. but i don’t really make enough stuff to be able to sell things, just lots of unfinished projects. but i think that you could definitely sell stuff through your blog, or just tell people that ask if you have a shop that you’d be willing to sell them stuff if they want… :)
    don’t worry, i didn’t fall asleep, it was quite interesting :)

  11. Aneesah says:

    Aww, you’re too nice, calling the vlog “interesting”. :P ;) But anyway, sure, after I’m done crafting with the zippers, I’ll send you a few, enough for your own zipper case or something. :D

  12. Aneesah says:

    :( Ye ke? Maybe if you downloaded it the chance of it getting stuck is less. But then you’ll need an FLV player and stuff, might be more complicated. ^^;

  13. tikki says:

    salam. hey aneesah, i need ur address.can u email it to me or sumthing. cuz em – i dont know whether u remember her – syarifah fatimah as in syed muhammad’s younger sister is getting married. so i need to send u the cards.

    am not quite sure whether ur mum knows her, but u see, it’s the iic family so we cant afford to miss out :D

  14. Aneesah says:

    Yeah I’ve heard about the upcoming wedding. :D E-mailed you already. :)

  15. elf says:

    :shakefist: i won’t be there for the wedding! :cry:

  16. Aneesah says:

    *hugs* Poor elf… :( I’m sure they’ll take lotsa pics and videos for ya! Still wish you’re here though… :heart:

  17. LOL! Yes, I can NEVER study on my bed either! Hehe! Btw, did you get the e-mails I sent you/my response to your comments? LOL, I sent it a couple of hours ago, but your site’s not letting me comment…

  18. Aneesah says:

    Yup yup, got the e-mails. :nod:

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