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By Aneesah, 13 Feb 11

Assalamu’alaikum, hello dear readers!

I’ve been procrastinating on writing another entry, but since I really don’t feel like doing work right now (it’s Sunday evening. I don’t have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays are my Mondays =/ ), blogging it is. Will write in points because they’re convenient:

1) I am now 22

:) I don’t feel like I am twenty-two, when I was younger and looked at people in their twenties and how I thought they were like — I feel nothing like that at all, but I am thankful. It was a sweet, quiet birthday spent at home, dilligently preparing drawings for an intercrit, reading new wall posts on Facebook every now and then, enjoying the odd sunshine and blue sky, and being “surprised” with a cake and foodz cooked by dear housemates-and-neighbours in the evening. Pictures follow:

Thank You

A photo I took, with a long note. Click to read on Facebook.


I assure you that blue skies are rare occurences. It's been raining pretty much every day before and since then.-_-;


Birthday card and a book from S & A.:D

2) Having hobbies are good

Especially when you’re in such a stressful course, or one that consumes 99.9% of your life. Sometimes you need to get away from that world and do something completely different. Even simple things like photography, video-editing, playing an instrument or cooking can be your saviour from insanity. When just the thought of going to do something excites you and all the sleepiness vanish — then you know where your passion lies.

It’s also a plus when your other interests can feed into the architecture work somehow. I am very, very grateful for my (old) involvement in digital art / web-design — Photoshop skills are useful for everybody. Trust me on this. Lots of other things are good for architecture students too: general knowledge, thinking skills, communication skills (drawing / explaining /etc.), rad research/Googling abilities, and all-around toughness and persistence. :B

3) My failed attempt at another vlog

I’m convinced that I talk too softly, barely move my jaws at all, and have no natural tendency to use/move my hands when speaking. Hence, random clips turned into silent GIFs:




Apple crumble made on my birthday by W.:)


Birthday cake by D.^_^


Macaroon given by the girls of no. 8. ;) I was planning on trying to make macaroons, and did, yesterday -- turned out half-decent, actually. :P My friends said it was good that they didn't taste as sweet as the real thing.

Humble apologies if the images take ages to load or crash your browser.

4) “3 Idiots” and “Like Stars on Earth”

Amazing films. I don’t really watch movies that much, but when I do, and when it’s the sort of movie that has a tremendous impact… I’m just mighty impressed with these two. I think Malaysia needs filmmakers who aren’t just interested in producing films, but have a real passion for something else that will become the content of the piece. Because films, dramas, are just mediums of communication. If they have nothing worthwhile to communicate to the world, what. is. the. point?

3 idiots

I like that the stories are about education, and priorities, and making a change.


This one has the addition of involving children, which I always like in movies. Favourite scene might be when he gave the boys spiky Aamir Khan hairstyles. xD

In the near future

Next week I’ll be heading to Rome inshaAllah, for an archie field trip. In case I haven’t mentioned, I also went to Berlin, Budapest and Barcelona in January. :clap: (Add me on Facebook for photos!) It might sound like I’m traveling a lot, but it is my final year as an undergraduate here. I’ll be heading back home (as in KL) after graduating in July, hopefully work for a year in an architecture firm, and I’m meant to come back to the UK for Part 2, which is another degree. But Allah knows best.

Till next time. :heart: Peace.


  1. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice, quiet 22nd birthday. =)

    As for the hobbies outside of school, that’s good for you!! =) My sister’s always so busy and never does too much besides school. =/

    Anyway, as for your trip… You’re going to Rome, Italy?! If so, HAVE FUN!! That’s one of my favorite cities! Haha, I guess food-wise, not architecture-wise. But still, have fun! =)

  2. Dayang says:

    Lovin’ the food video!
    Wishin you all good things :D

  3. Meream says:

    Teehee, I enjoyed the treats GIFs. Food blogs should have them. :D

    Hope your birthday next year would be even more fabulous!

  4. Amin says:

    Salam Aneesah!!!

    Haha :lol: . hey happy belated birthday. You’re getting old. :lol: Reading your entry makes me miss blogging. I’m seriously thinking of writing again but I’m afraid I’ll be busy with practical and stuff that I might end up back at square one. But we’ll see. Happy Birthday agai and I hope you have a prosperous year. Good Luck with exams and reviews. :clap:

    • Aneesah says:


      whoaaa, glad to see you around, Amin! Ingat dah lesap foreva dah. :P Well you’re getting oldER, aren’t you mister? -_-; Do write if you feel like it, sikit2 pun takpe. I haven’t been a consistent blogger either but I guess it’s nice to just jot down important happenings and share random pictures. :nod:

      Thank you very much, good luck to you too!

  5. Vera says:

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan I wish I were half as crafty as you (and less of a procrastinator). I wouldn’t spend so much time sighing over what to do when I don’t feel like reading or tinkering with my website. I could make a thank you note from my writing ustensils :D

    Not wishing you happy birthday now… plus I did so in a timely manner of Facebook. :P

    P.S. More art please. And the gif of you waving is adorkable :B

    • Aneesah says:

      Hi Vera! Haha, I just had that itch to make and post something (in reply to the wishes), and hey presto. :P There’s always this urge to be doing something other than uniwork but I always have to suppress it due to priorities and getting a degree and yadda yadda… -_-;

      So not much “art” for now unless anybody’s interested in seeing my weekly A3 development sheets for this museum I’m designing…?

      Thought so. :P

      (And thanks! :heart: )

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