The beginning of an end

By Aneesah, 5 May 08

Note: Entry has been edited on Wednesday, 7th May.

Typed on Wednesday, 30th April:

Tuesday we had our last Mechanics class. Today was our last Maths and Physics classes. Friday would be our last Stats class, and the last day ever that we’ll spend in our class at INTEC (except for us Arch peeps, we’ll have our Art exam in that class too). We will be graduating. O_o Gosh, time passes by so fast.

Our Lovely Lecturers

I started to have weird feeling in my throat when Miss Teng started her goodbye-and-goodluck-and-thank-you speech. Who knew everything would be so damn sad?! :cry: I seriously got teary-eyed every time our lecturers started saying all that. It’s not like we’ll never see them again, but I guess… I don’t know, it felt like only yesterday, the day we fresh-faced, innocent little kids stepped into class and chose where to sit and each lecturer introduced themselves (or in the case of Miss Teng, started rattling off about Mathematical Modelling *_* ) … and now — now we’re finishing our course and they’re letting us go study on our own until we face the Big Exams. It’s almost over. It really is. :|

I’ll say a few words about our beloved, kind lecturers who have put up with us for at least a year, some for the whole two years!

MechI have yet to get our picture with Miss Teng, so… here’s a pic of my M2 module, haha. I actually planned on filling the whole cover with doodles, but now the semester’s over and it’s still quite empty. Oh well. =P Miss Teng taught us Mechanics for all four semesters. First impression: “O_o”. I believe she was the one who made us sign this contract thingy which included statements such as “I shall keep my handphone in silent mode during class” and other such rule-abiding promises. And she started lecturing on the first day, totally zipped into the topic right away, leaving us exchanging weird glances and blinking in blurriness. But Miss Teng is amazingly experienced and knows exactly how to get us to understand these seemingly complicated topics, to the point that we are able to convert sentences into equations and diagrams into answers. Her favourite words are, “now –“, “do you see–“, and she uses everything from her marker pens to folders to pieces of paper to some random pencil case to demonstrate the more 3-D stuff in Mechanics. This subject was, to me, one of the more interesting and practical (and relatively easy, which may equal to a few yawns in class, but well… ^^; ) subjects, and we only have Miss Teng to thank. :) (And please note, people! Mechanics is not about fixing cars, thankyouverymuch. -_-; ) Her seriousness and slight quirks in her dress sense (no offense, Miss! ^^; ) reflect little of her less-obvious (but totally there) sense of humour and warm, smiley side. :)

Miss AidaUs with Miss Aida (note the heart! :heart: )

Miss Aida is our Physics lecturer for the past three semesters (I think?). She’s one of our youngest lecturers, and truly, at times, she looks and seems and speaks just like one of us. :P Always good-natured and has time for a few laughs (though she does try and act stern at times… but we see right through her, though ;) ), tries her best to answer our crazy annoying questions and walks over to our desk to help with exercises, she’s one of the friendliest people around. It’s always funny when she starts talking all rojak and KL-slang, like, “I pun cam tak sure lah bla bla bla you all ni bla bla bla”. I remember one of her earliest jokes, “You all lucky tau dapat study kat UK. I dapat study kat UK…M je.” :lol: (UKM is the name of a local university.) All the best with your studies and be sure to invite us to your wedding! ;)

Prof*everybody points at Prof*

Associate Professor Norsaadah is our Maths and Further Maths lecturer. She is… in one word, quite awesome. (Okay that’s two words. :T ) Further Maths is no joke, people. It’s very much … further. ^^; Manageable, but just… very… heavy on exercises and understanding what you’re doing and requiring the ability to solve problems that you’ve never seen before… Prof is incredibly dedicated and concerned about her students, not to mention very knowledgable in this whole crazy world of MATHS. We’ve had lots of laughter in Maths classes too, though most of it probably due to the guys at the back. :P One of the more recent moments:

Prof: So now, what do we know about this? *points to some equation or something, I forgot*
Class: *silence* *stares blankly*
Muhsin: NOTHING!
Class: *erupts in laughter*

(Kim wrote an entry that had this quote too, after I’ve written this post as a draft. :lol: Funny things are easy to remember, yo. ^^; ) So there’s always these scenes that I wish I could record forever, but I know they’re recorded in my mind, memories that I’ll never forget. Maths is a lot of work, but there’s just something that always pushes me through the books of exercises and stacks of past year papers (even though currently I have over 22 sets of Maths/Further Maths papers that I haven’t even touched yet *_* ), and I’m sure Prof is part of it. :) With a rather motherly “kind-but-stern” style, she’s given us so much in so many ways, and only asks for good results in return. (Which… is… not easy, obviously, but… we can only try. ^_^ )

Miss PaulineMiss Pauline in blue. (I took the pic, so I’m not in it. :) )

Miss Pauline taught us Statistics for three semesters as well. She’s undoubtedly the funniest of them all. Always has something to say about anything, and something funny at that. Likes to chitchat at the end of the lesson, to pass the time (coz she won’t let us leave early :P ), but we usually don’t mind because she has interesting things to say. :) (About anything from her baju kurung to cars to dentists to random places to medical problems, etc. etc.) Her whiteboard markers are always well-inked too (though worn on the outside, apparently so they’ll be easier to spot among the other shiny new markers), and her writing’s super neat; on the board, everything has titles and lines. We’ll never forget her cheerful face and permanent smile.

SirSir Zaidi (in yellow) and the 6 archies at Putrajaya. This is a picture of a picture (no scanner ^^; ) so forgive the noise. Thanks to PC (in white) for giving each of us a print of this photo!

Last but not least, Sir Zaidi our Art lecturer for two semesters. What can I say about Sir? I admire his skills. Not necessarily drawing skills, like you may think (’cause he doesn’t really need to draw that much, we’re the ones doing the work ^^; ), but the way he always knows what to say, and how to say it. Especially in this semester, our classes involved a lot of discussions and presentations and working things out through the design process, and Sir has the uncanny ability to know what’s wrong, or missing, or unclear, and how to explain that to us. His comments are always very frank but never rude or hurtful. That’s a talent that very few people have. We’ve also had the pleasure of listening to his many stories (in fact our last class was two hours of pure storytelling :lol: , but true stories though!), about his life in the UK and travels to Europe and the US, and how we shouldn’t spend money on projects but use recycled materials instead, about how we should change the way we think and see. I’ve learned a lot from Sir, and not just about Art or Architecture.

I’ll definitely miss every single subject when everything’s over. It’s true that you only appreciate something when it’s no longer there. It’s been an amazing two years of a course, full of friends and memories and experiences and jokes and pictures and chatters… And I totally did not expect this. I never knew my A-Levels would be more than just a preparatory course. It turned out to be rather life-changing. :nod:

Sentimental stuff aside…

angelsKim and I after the BBQ. The camera’s flash made our skin all glowy and “innocent” so I just enhanced that and added some cartoony halos. :lol: We’re really not that angelic (at all) in real life. ;) Tonight we just had a barbeque event thing at the other college, courtesy of our juniors, ALUK5, and this little activity they organised a few months ago called Monster and Mosquito. It was a Secret Santa-ish kinda thing, except you just exchanged letters (though I do recall objects being exchanged too, like sweets, or in my case, a load of pencil dust from a sharpener that fell right onto my shirt -_-; ) and then try and guess who your Mosquito/Monster is. (Seniors are Monsters, juniors Mosquitoes.) I did guess my Mosquitoe correctly (although I have to say, she made it easy because there were only two girls in the whole batch that fit the description she gave :P ), but she wasn’t there tonight ’cause she flew back to her hometown already. ^^; (Telor! You owe me one!)

(We had to have nicknames too, by the way. Telor means egg, so I was Separuh Masak, meaning Half-Cooked/Boiled. :lol: )

And… next week, on Tuesday 6th of May, we’ll have the 8-hour Art exam starting at 9 o’ clock. We’re all building our model bridges. And I’m actually supposed to be doing the drawings (plans, section, elevation) right now, but… *yawns* tomorrow’s Labour Day anyway, I’m procrastinating like crazy. :T Hmm yeah.

Typed on Sunday:

Hmm. So much work to do, still, in preparation for Tuesday. Presentation board and storyboard, making the model’s “accessories” (trees and such) so we won’t have to do it all on that day, need to buy some more stuff too… Ergh. I’m still scared, man, but at least the six of us are scared together. :) It’ll be fine, InshaAllah. Just fine.

Do pray for us! And for the rest of the papers too! (Gosh I’ll totally start “nerding” — as Kim calls it — for our other subjects as soon as Art’s over. We do have a moderation still, on Friday, but that doesn’t require much work other than presenting our works and answering questions.) Last paper is on 20th June, but I’m sure I’ll be able to stick in another blog entry before then. ^^; Taa!

Typed on the next Wednesday:

Art exam’s over! Gosh, what an experience…

lc2We had to finish the final presentation board that had all the drawings on it, and typical procrastinator me only got the inspiration the night before the exam. -_-; I drew the drawings beforehand but had no idea how to paste them up and stuff.lc1So I opened up Photoshop to doodle in some layout ideas (I prefer Photoshop than a pencil and paper ’cause it’s… much more flexible). Have I told you that the bridge concept is based on a web? And also represents the connection between man and nature, bla bla bla… Will write about this later. So… the night morning before exam, I actually slept at 4:30 am. :| And had to wake up at 6:30 am, because the guys said they wanted to go by 7 am (though the exam starts at 9), and since they wanted me to bring my printer (to print pictures), I had to come with them in the car. (No freaking way I’ll be lugging a dang printer up the bus.) A mere 2 hours of sleep before a big 8-hour exam is definitely not a good idea, but what was I to do? :( There was just a lot of work, and the weekend before was spent buying stuff for the model, and testing bits of it. I spent hours on a perspective drawing that turned out crap because it’s from my imagination, and I ended up not using it for the final presentation board anyhow.

Fortunately the guys were late (Muhsin was still showering at 7 am, apparently) so I still had time to pack my stuff and eat breakfast (and make an extra sandwich for lunch) that morning. The tiny Kelisa was packed with four peoples’ stuff (I had SIX freaking bags! One being the printer, one backpack, one big black A2 bag and three paper bags with my supplies for the model) so Kim had to take the bus. ^^; Arrived at INTEC at 8-something am. :o

My presentation board was actually not even finished, I didn’t bother with the description of the project and my design, so I was slightly worried that I won’t have the time to write it after I finish my model. (But I did, though our lecturer already flipped through our boards while we were doing the model and took preliminary marks. :( )

lc3Photos during the break.So 9 am sharp, it started. I made a list of things I had to do, the steps to make the model, but in the end I couldn’t finish them all, skipped some parts, rearranged some items… :T The first half of the exam, from 9 am to 1 pm, was a lil’ calm and the 6 of us talked occasionally (eg. “I like this song!” since Az had her laptop play her whole playlist during exam), and when the 1-hour lunch break came, we had a snack (mine was just peanut butter sandwich) but mostly just continued work. From then on, the class was much quieter, we were much more solemn-faced, serious, worried that we can’t finish. I actually only had my island and part of the web bridge done. (The bits made from wire take a very long time to do.)

I forgot to scratch out item #5, I did that. So it’s 21.5 items accomplished, actually. 79.6%, hmmh.So yes, change of plan. I did all the wire-y stuff first (the first bridge, second bridge, and small gazebo / bird cage on the other island. Wait, have I told you the site? It’s actually at Shah Alam Lake Gardens, and there are two islands and a mainland. My bridge connects the mainland to the first island, and the first island to the second, which has peacocks and storks. And then the second island to the mainland again.) and the other structures, paths, trees/accessories later. I also left out stuff like… the stairs inside the towers -_-; (technical problem. I never managed to practice making the stairs, so I didn’t really know how to do it, and when I tried, the paper wouldn’t stick to my plastic towers, etc. etc.) and the drawings that are supposed to be on the inner walls of the towers (also didn’t have time to practice, so I’m gonna pretend the towers are meant to be transparent. :/ [the reason the model is transparent was to show said drawings, and stairs, but since I did neither… O_o ] ), oh and I meant to make the “water” using epoxy glue, which would dry clear and hard and not shrink (and I’d already practiced this part on my mockup model!) but there was simply no time, since it required taping off the edges of my model so the glue won’t spill over the edge, and also epoxy glue takes hours to dry.

lcFinished model. The ones with sky backgrounds… that’s actually the real sky. :P Other fellow architecture students / real architects / professional modelmakers / you! , please ignore any flaws you see.By 5 o’clock Sir was starting to bug us to finish, he suggested we use the last 30 minutes to photograph our models. The photos will be sent to Edexcel, our A-Level examination board, because we won’t be sending the actual models there. I was so pressed for time, and only managed to do one pathetic-looking human plasticine figure (I wanted to put them all around the model, some up in the bridge, showing how it’s supposed to be “used” ) and one very pathetic-looking peacock. :shake: And oh my, the slide is super pathetic. Also didn’t get to practice making the slide (for my mockup model I used aluminium foil, but there’s no way I can use foil for the final model… unless I cover it with plasticine or clay… which I didn’t think of until now), I tried using air-dried clay but it was too heavy and wouldn’t stick onto the plastic. Plasticine also didn’t stick, so I coiled some wire around the structure and then pressed the plasticine snake onto it. Leaving loads of smudge marks and not looking like a slide at all. :( And it’s probably too small/narrow, my table and benches on the platform also don’t look like they’re of a scale of 1:50. :cry:

I stood on one of our swively chairs to take this pic :lol: But yes, when it’s over, it’s over. Took the model outside to take pictures, came back to add a description to my presentation board, had to submit everything to Puan Rita (our head of programme)’s office. We will be having the moderation on Friday, where we’ll put up the research board and presentation board and model, and Sir will bring a guest (probably another architecture lecturer like the last few semesters) and review the marks given to us. We may have to present the works and/or answer questions as well. Hmm. Backtracking now, after it was all done, we still had to clean up the class. And boy was it a mess. :x In the last few hours, I didn’t even cap my glue tubes (which caused a streaky unremovable smudge on one of my towers x( ) and everything was all over the place…

The luggage bag in the background is PC’s. ^^; He had his art stuff in there.But we took our time before cleaning up. Everybody was still a little numb, “Wow did it already end?” “I’m so hungry!” “No more art classes?!?!”… And we only clollected our supplies and not really sweep the floor or anything (’cause the cleaners’ storeroom with the brooms and stuff was closed :P ), but apparently today PC went to class to find the whole place already cleaned up. ^^; Thanks janitors!

…Overall, you can tell I’m not at all satisfied with my model, but I am like that. Never happy with my artwork. Most of the time. If any of my juniors are reading this, a tip for you guys — just practice everything beforehand. Make sure you know what to do and whether it will work. And if you’re wondering whether you need something or not, just bring it. You or your classmate might need to use it. And also, bring band-aids aka plasters. (All three guys got injuries that day. :| So did I, some little scratches from the wire mesh, but I didn’t notice until today. O_o ) We didn’t even use the printer in the end (aargh and it was heavy!), or the kettle PC brought (heh), but yeah. Shortest 9 hours of my life, seriously. *_* I’m not worried about the marks for my model (as in, “I don’t care about them”, not as in “I know I’ll do well” :P ) , although the whole project contributes to 50% of our final AS Art & Design grade (the other half is taken from 4 [yes, only FOUR!] of our artworks from the previous semesters), but more on Sir’s comments and how many technical problems I had… :( But yeah, it’s fine, I’m just putting it all behind me. We have Physics and Further Maths to worry about. (I’ve been abandoning these two subjects, big time, to concentrate on Art.)

What I have to do now, is paste the photos of my final model on a board, and prepare some more pages that I left out for my research board. (The research board is the “supporting studies” part of the project. Basically everything besides the final drawings and model.) You can view more pics at Kim‘s blog or Azmah‘s. I’ll be taking pics of the guys’ models on Friday. And talk more on my concept and stuff, later. ^^; Oh yea, I also slept for 10 freaking hours last night, hah. :D I can’t recall the last time I had that much sleep in one night…


  1. Wow, the last day… Haha, mine’s not until Wednesday! =P
    Hehe, that’s awesome about reflecting about your lecturers! I’m glad you had a great time with them! =) Hehe about one of the youngest professors, and LOL about having fun in math class.

    Woah, that Monster and Mosquito thing sounds weird! Hehe. But yes, that’s great about the BBQ! =)
    OMG, 8-hour exam?! GOOD LUCK, ANEESAH!!

  2. kimmy says:

    awww good memories of the lecturers!! =D I remember miss teng,my first impression was that boy is she garang with the statement signing n stuff. tau tau shes not strict at all =D. (remember when muhsin answered the phone during test?)and ms aida and the detention thingy, turns out she’s just trying to be stern but shes just like us ;) young at heart. wa so many memories and if i keep typing here you’re gonna be reading this until tomorrow’s art exam ahah!Gosh it’s gonna be so sad leaving the lecturers behind..=(

  3. Aneesah says:

    Haha yeah, no time for long comments right now. Will hibernate and enjoy the lack of art for a while after tomorrow… ^^;

  4. Brenda says:

    I ought to do something like this when I graduate from University next year. I love most of my professors waaaay too much, so it’s going to be a tough decision on who I should feature.

    It’s really sweet of you to feature your own lecturers though. If they could see this now, I’m sure they’d appreciate being appreciated too! (:

    The model looks fun to do. I remember doing those really simple models with plasticine and ice-cream sticks way back in Primary School (which err … often fell apart within a day), but I got a kick out of putting them together!

  5. MK says:

    it’s going to be sad.. i know i’ll be crying on the last day.

    and yeah, it’s sweet of you to write about your lecturers. i’ve had some of them, though not so close, they did leave some lasting impression on me. always admire them. sometimes i wish to be a teacher too :)
    make sure you hug your friends like there’s no tomorrow. good luck on the presentation!

  6. Aneesah says:

    Presentation and moderation went good, thanks. :D No idea how our marks look like, but that’s not the point anyway~

    I don’t even want to think about our last day of exams… that’s so far away, arrggh!

  7. aileen says:

    awww… I know that feeling! goodbyes are often sad but you’re right, that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing each other again! Congratulations, girl. You’ve had a generous dosage of creativity all throughout & you’ll have more in your career! ^_^

  8. Maryam says:

    nice long entry! and plenty of pics.. i know what u mean when you say you’re never happy with your artwork, i’m exactly the same. which other 4 pieces did you submit? would like to see them as well :nod: good luck yea!

  9. Aneesah says:

    :) The other four… let’s see.. Project Hell (with all the other drawings; plan elevation section etc), Taj Mahal, Watercolour Garden, and Kitchen Perspective. The middle two were from my 1st sem, though I intended to submit these portraits instead of the watercolour. But the lady at the binding place kindly dropped the drawings and messed it up and left smudge marks :shakefist: so I chose another. (I guess variation would be good, I have too many pencil pieces anyway. ^^; )

  10. elf says:

    HAhahaha! u kno.. i reli thought i wrote a…. comment when i read this last x.. i guess not?..
    bt .. i shall… maybe… 2morro? cause i actually hv some more hw…………….. to.. uhh.. do? x)

    the project- from the pics looked fabulous.

  11. Aneesah says:

    Hehe, do homework first! :) And thankyoo!

  12. moon says:

    aww you’re graduating? when?

    you guys actually have a 9-hour art EXAM? wow that’s tense.

    anyways… good luck!

  13. Aneesah says:

    Uh, we’ll be graduating the minute exams are over. ^^; (20th June, 7:00 pm, if you must know. :boogie: ) There’s no official ceremony thing, except probably the dinner that our juniors are organising — but that’s waaaay in August, before we get our results.

    Yeah, it’s the AS Art exam, actually 8 hours la, but there was a 1-hour lunch break, and we didn’t have to leave the classroom or anything. :nod: I think if I took A-Level Art as well, there’d be yet another 8-hour (or whatever length Edexcel decided) exam session thing for that project.

    Thanks Moon~!

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