Really quick entry —

By Aneesah, 19 Apr 08

— just to get rid of the old one. And because the elf asked me to update. :suspicious:

Hmm, let’s see… I’ll just do this in bullet form, ’cause I’m lazy/busy (same excuse I always use). :D

  • I have (and am using a) new laptop! :boogie: It is very heavy compared to my old one, and has such a short battery life (my old Toshiba had 4 hours!) but yes, my Toshiba died in a puff of a Windows error and all my stuff in there is gone and my dad bought me a new Compaq instead. :) (No, actually, my dad bought me the Compaq because I kept complaining about the never-ending, unsolvable overheating problem that Toshiba had, and when I came home with the new laptop, just as I was starting up Toshiba to copy my files, it decided to pop-out an error and Windows wouldn’t start. -_-; I’m pretty sure technology has feelings. :/ ) It’s very powerful though, with like 2GB of RAM and loads of space (I also have a portable 160GB hard drive now. Take that, my silly 1GB thumbdrive! :shakefist: ) and widescreen and a DVD drive (my Toshiba didn’t even have a CD drive ‘coz it was so slim) and a built in webcam which my psycho brothers especially adore. -_-; (The internal mic kinda sucks, though.)
  • I will, if God willing, be studying at University of Kent in a few months’ time. ^_^ I’m quite excited, Canterbury looks like a small-town-ish kinda place and the campus is nice, too. I only had three offers to choose from and my parents both seemed to like Kent. :P
  • I have 17 days till my AS Art exam, 25 days till the start of the other exams, and two months until I will experience the true definition of freedom (ie. when the exams end.) I am still rather… ” :| ” about it all, but I’m really trying to go into studying-really-hard mode. Though it’s hard when you have so many things to do (read: art project) and balance and prioritise… :(
  • I had Islamic Studies final exams today (this exam always happens earlier than the others), which was okay, but the bad news is I accidentally left my student card on my desk when I left the exam hall. :cry: I just… forgot about it. When my friend Az went back to the hall to look for it (since I was already back at the hostel when I realised my ID was not hanging from my “necklace” ), it wasn’t there anymore. I even asked our lecturer who was one of the invigilators that morning, whether one of them took it, but she said no. And now I’m thinking somebody else took it (and what? Handed it over to the security guards? Tried finding somebody who knows me so he/she can give it back? Kept it and cut up the picture of my face on the card as a voodoo ritual? O_o ), or it’s just … lost and now I have to pay to get a new one. When I’m two months away from graduating anyway. :roll: Geesh.
  • I am a severe worrier, I realised. No, not warrior, (though my last name [my dad’s name] does mean warrior/knight, kinda :lol: ) but someone who worries like crazy. This morning, when there was nobody else waiting outside the exam hall but me and Az, I started thinking they changed the venue or I got the time wrong, etc., and started speculating on the worse-case scenario but Az just walked upstairs and checked the notice at the hall. ^^; And sure enough, we were at the right place, and everybody else started coming a bit later. :P And when I realised my ID was gone, my heart completely jumped and my brain kinda froze and I was thinking I had to go back to campus, and aaah the bus just left, yadda yadda, but I just needed to pause and remember that Az was still there at the library. I am still worrying that I’ll get fined on Monday morning for not wearing my ID when passing the guardhouse at the campus entrance, but like… how am I supposed to even go to the office for getting a new ID if I can’t even enter? :/ And I don’t wanna get fined when I already have to pay a hefty sum to get a new ID. x(
  • I cleaned the bathroom and ceiling fan here today. It was such a workout. :T And the fan — I think dust is an understatement to describe the stuff sticking on it. (Elf said the pic looks like a cat’s tail. :lol: ) There were even dead insects, dude. :X But now it’s shiny and clean and so freaking fast! :o (Speed 3 of clean dustless fan > Speed 5 of dusty-dead-insect fan. :nod: ) So why am I blogging about clean fans? …Uh. I dunno. ^^; Cleaning just makes people happy? ^_^ (I have to stare up at the fan every time I enter the room now. ;) )

I suppose that would be it. Will update about the missing card and stuff later. :| Please pray that we’ll go through A-Levels (relatively) unscathed, I seriously can’t wait until it’s all over. :( Bye-byes!

Edit: Tired of Maths after just… 2 hours? :roll:

So here’s a long overdue tag by Aisyah. Sorry it took so long for me to do it! :x My five favourite links, or I’d say, my favourite sites:

  • — yep. I’ve used it so much these past few weeks or months, for Art research especially, that I’m kind of almost sick of it. Almost. I remember that it was my elder brother who first “introduced” me to Google when it came out. I was probably a Yahoo! Search user back then. :P
  • Google Reader — Haha. You’d think it goes under Google too, no? But I visit this address every day, mostly read the feeds under the category named “Friends”, then “Archie”, and a few under “Crafts”, though right now I have 393 unread feeds, all of them under the latter category. ^^; They just … build up really quickly and I don’t have time to keep up. :shake:
  • — this site is already in my About page, so it’s kinda cheating, but who cares. Nowadays I mostly visit the Replies to Your Posts and Hottest New Topics pages, because there’s no time to surf the individual categories for new projects. :/ The most popular topic that I’ve posted was of the felt wallet, haha. :dance: But the wallet, in reality, is now very worn and … fluffed. :(
  • Gosh, two more?! :/ Uhhh… can I cheat (again) and put Aneesah’s Hideaway? :lol: You can’t not like your own site, right? Though I mostly just check on comments, because WordPress’ e-mail notification of new/moderated comments has been kaput for a while (might be a server problem, but whatever), so I have to visit the control panel periodically. ^^;
  • I’d say… the last link… would be a local news site. :nod: When I’ve exhausted Google Reader and still need something to read, then it’ll be The Star or NST. :) I honestly don’t care much about the news, but it’s good to always have an issue/event/crime (yea seriously) to talk about.

Done. Kinda pathetic, but it’s my current most-visited sites. If I was tagged like… 2 years ago, when I was bored to death during SPM holidays, there would probably be more interesting sites about crafts or webdesign, but my pastimes now are limited to… uh, sleeping, studying, wasting time on the laptop (oh yea, Youtube and music download sites should be up there sometimes. Music is absolutely necessary for Maths homework. :D ), Yahoo-Messenger-ing, and… that would be it. -_-;

I’m not tagging anybody, by the way. :P


  1. Aneesah says:

    Haha yeah, then we’ll be able to blog-hop from entry to entry, all of which contain rants on everybody’s current architecture project, and lots of mentions of the word “hell”. ^^; Since you have some free time now, why not start a webring or something? (Then again, the term “webring” sounds so 1999. :P Whatever lah.)

    I have a feeling you guys first came here from Aisyah’s site, hah. :lol: Thanks for the new traffic, Aisyah! :B

  2. p.crew says:

    teeeeett.. wrong. I got to Aisyah’s from the legendary fuqaha, then from there to you. But yeah I know still, from Aisyah. hehe..

    neway I’ll be back home soon, fuqaha let’s hang out :lol:

  3. elf says:

    elloo elooo!! i didn’t c u last weekend! :shakefist:

  4. elf says:

    oh by the way did u get.. ur.. id BACK!*_*

  5. Aneesah says:

    Aww, sorry, I was home and logged in for a bit (but you were “Busy”! ^^; ), Invisibly, then logged out and proceeded with the ton of work I have to do. :( And long story short, no, I didn’t find the ID. =T

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