By Aneesah, 31 Mar 08

I am just so. damn. bored. See, you should know by now, that when Aneesah says such things, it means that 1) it is the weekend and 2) she is not at home. :/ Yea, hostel weekend this time, because we had that Putrajaya field trip yesterday, which took all day, and we were just pooped (as Simply Precious would say :lol: ) when we got back (I actually had a 3-hour nap right after -_-; ), and today, Sunday (fine, I know it says Monday up there, but I started typing this on Sunday night :B ), saw more hours wasted on unnecessary sleep. :T


Free themFree Them in progress. Those path steps were kinda ugly. :X Free them 2More progress shots. Messy room ahoy.The presentation and deadline for Freedom was last Tuesday. It went… okay, despite my having only 3.5 hours of sleep the night (or should I say morning?) before, and some last-minute class schedule changes (via SMSes that woke me up at 6 am. :| For a minute, we almost had our first class at noon, at which point I was imagining all the extra hours of sleep I would’ve enjoyed, but nope. -_-; Art class was at 8:30 am instead, hence the immediate waking up and *kapoof*-ing of my plan of sleeping in. :shakefist:

Free them 4Details of the pop-up event cards.Free them 3Finished game board. Dear Kim blogged about our artworks already, so go there and read. :P Sir’s comments on my Free Them game board: it was, uh, fun and kiddy and all that (and Sir said I had a “good attitude”, whatever that means :boogie: ), but also on the “workmanship” (sigh, almost all of us keep getting that W-word on our final projects :X ) and that it looks “cheap” (I kinda agree, it’s very hand-made-looking) and should be more 3-D. (I’m not sure I agree, because board games are naturally really flat, and my origami pieces were designed to be detachable. Mainly so I could actually bring the board on the bus in my A2 bag, ie. without the risk of poking out somebody’s eye. But if looking from an architecture point of view, then yea, the steps could’ve been raised and the whole “map” of the zoo could’ve had actual hills and valleys, etc. Oh well, next time. :P )

So yeah, that’s over and done with. :nod: It gave us an idea of how freaking short 8 hours actually is, considering the fact that my piece, personally, took more like 2 weeks rather than 8 hours. :T Oh, and it’s always cool when, even though there are only six of us, everybody’s piece and ideas are different, and interesting, and very personal in their own ways. An artwork always represents the artist. :)

Ze Putrajaya treep

Overall, the trip was … interesting. Insightful. Insanely hot. I’ve been to Putrajaya a few times before (and I’ve blogged about it, I’m sure), and yes the place is always blazingly warm. That aside, because we went there for a purpose (finding inspiration for our art project, Links and Connections), this particular visit was like no other. Sir Zaidi, our lecturer, has planted this weird analytical kind of thinking in all of us, seeing things not just as they are, but in a way that future architects are supposed to see things.

So basically, we’ll all be designing bridges for our AS Art exam. One that is supposed to represent Putrajaya as the pride of Malaysia. (Or something along those lines.) We were fearing the idea because “it’s too architecture-y” (since the subject is Art and Design, not Architecture), but Sir insisted that a bridge is only the physical idea of it, and that many bridges (like the ones we saw in Putrajaya) have purely aesthetic features too, that can be as abstract as you want.

We I still have a lot of work to do on that (ie. research on Putrajaya, on an architect, etc. etc.), but in the meantime, let’s recap the whole trip.

Woke up at 6:40 am. No wait, that’s too detailed. ^^; Was at the bus stop downstairs at 7:30 am, Kim and Az came soon after. Then Sir came in his car. When PC arrived, we got in and decided to go ahead without waiting for Muhsin and Icam (the LCs). Icam has a car anyway, so they drove themselves afterwards.

WeirdAmong the things that seem uniquely “out of place” — an elevator and escalator outdoors, and trees indoors.Stopped by some rest area before a toll (can you tell I had no idea what that place’s name was? ^^; ) for Sir to have breakfast and for the two guys in the other car to catch up a bit. Had Iced Milo, bla bla bla, continued on the journey. I think driving from Shah Alam to Putrajaya would’ve taken less than an hour, but we arrived there right before 9 am, I think.

BridgeEverybody’s favourite Putrajaya bridge, and PC risking his life trying to get a cool shot. *_* Putrajaya is… Putrajaya. Greeted by the warm morning heat, the not-very-Malaysian-ish architecture, and the dozens of different kinds of street lamps. :suspicious: Sir pointed out some of the hidden “links and connections” around, the symbolism and whatnot. Walked around, had to each give our views on the links and connections there, and the day was filled with more “drive around, Sir stops the car, we walk out to take pictures, and come back inside the car when we’re on the verge of melting”. (Kim and I were usually the first ones to arrive at the awesome air-conditioned comfort that was Sir’s car. :nod: )

Tree XSir pointed out this plant at the botanical gardens, and how the architect who designed the spiky doorway thing on one of the buildings we passed may well have been inspired by the plant’s trunk. :o The best part of the trip was, for me, the botanical gardens. Specifically the little Alhambra / Moroccan / dunno-how-else-to-describe-it village display thing they had. The reason they have that exhibition there is, apparently, because that style of architecture is inspired by nature. :) Cool connection, eh? :D But anyway, the minute the tram dropped us off at the entrance of the place, I was awestruck. I believe the exact words out of my mouth were, “Lawa gile, siot…” ^^; (And mind you, I don’t use the word “siot” that often. :P )

WhoaIt’s like another world…I just loved all the water features, and the detailed carvings and the huge huge doors and high ceilings and arabic words… everything. ^_^ It was almost like being there in Fez and Marrakech and the other places, those places I’ve seen people like Megan McCormick go to on Globe Trekker. :lol: Sir told us to save money so we could travel there one day, and we will, InshaAllah. :dance:

DetailsPwetty details.After that we sat on the floor of one of the rooms (each place was represented by a room, ie. Fez Room), because all the sofas and stuff said “do not sit” and “do not touch” :/ , and just talked. Sir told us of his experience studying in the UK, all sorts of stories, and it was just very relaxing. I discovered recently that I love hearing stories, tales of others’ experiences, I find them quite captivating. :)

And then we had late lunch at a KFC in Puchong (too many people though :/ ) and arrived in Shah Alam before 4 pm. So, overall, cool (but not literally :| ) trip, that made me see what the UCL interviewer was saying about being abstract. I think it’s just that we’ve never been exposed to this kind of art (all them interpretations and metaphors and seeing the meaning of things) until we’re taking AS Art. Our class before was just Graphic Communication, not really “Art”. As weird or ridiculous it seems to relate a human to a city, or the administrative approach of the Government with the way the buildings are laid out, I just … get it now. :nod:

Random pictures

I forgot to post some old photos, so I’ll dump them here with some newer ones too.

Rainbow pencil caseMy current pencil case, made out of zippers! :boogie: Gotta love the rainbowness. :P Case twoAnother zipper case for my lil’ bro. His is single-coloured, and without white tape between the zips.Aneesah and ElvisA sculpture made out of household cleaning brushes, called Elvis from Sepilok. :lol: This was at the National Art Gallery in February, field trip for “Freedom” inspiration. I forgot whether I’ve mentioned this before… ^^; ElectionI didn’t even talk about the general election! ^^; (Well, it’s… just not a good idea to involve politics in blogging. Especially when you’re a student. Who is under a Government scholarship. :nod: ) Please note that the flags shown in the picture do not, in any way, represent my political stand. And I’m not saying I even have a political stand. :P Anyway, election time’s the only time people are allowed to practically wrap the whole country in flags and banners… My old town looked particularly festive at that time. :) BirdRandom bird that came to visit me by landing on my clothes lines here. :P A local nasyid group, Inteam was on campus for a Maulidur Rasul event a few days ago. :D Admittedly, I only knew one song that they sang, but hey, ’twas still cool. (And cool of our Islamic Studies lecturer to let us not have class that day and sit in the hall instead. ^_^ )Saturday night, there was a little concert thing on campus too, organised by CATS. They had J. Co donuts afterwards, so here’s Az, me and Nana munching away. (The donuts are apparently crazily popular in shopping malls… I’ve never tasted them before, but they’re quite nice. :) )

Uploading the pictures took SO long… (Forgive the wonky layout of the pics, by the way. Too lazy to change things.) Seriously, the only good time for using the internet here would be… right around 6 or 7 am. :roll: Urgh. Hate the slowness. x( AAARRGGGHH okay my laptop decided to go into its overheating mode again. Quadruple slowness. :shakefist: K bye everyone, taa!


  1. Fuqaha says:

    Got your link from Aisyahs’. Heard that you will be taking architecture. Good luck. Its a hell of a course. I highly discourage anyone without much interest in art / archi in taking that course. Seeing your stuff in this blog hints that you are the right kind of people for architecture.

    Im in archi too, U. Malaya. :)

  2. Aneesah says:

    LOL it’s okay about trying to comment. ^^; Hehe maybe your internet connection hates this entry. :P
    Putrajaya is just particularly blazing though, its heat is unlike KL heat or Shah Alam heat or my-kampung-in-Johor heat. -_-; Maybe soon it’ll settle down once the construction’s done and everything, but until then… =/
    Thanks too~

  3. Aneesah says:

    Hellooo~ Yes, I’ve had a little taste of the insanity of the course, it is… quite… insane. :nod: Thanks a lot for your words, but I’m still having a tough tough time with the more conceptual aspects of the design process, I’m more… literal and left-brained. *_*
    I’ll trudge my way through it even if it costs all of my blood, sweat and tears, though. I will survive.

    *breaks into the song :lol: *

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