Blabby at 12:30

By Aneesah, 24 Feb 08

Continuing my so-called “less wordy” blog entries, here’s a video blog.

Vlog 6. Warning: I’m a very boring person.

A couple of notes, though:

  1. Yes, I look like crap. It was past midnight and I was in that sleepy-but-can’t-sleep mode.
  2. Yes, I do have a monotonous voice. (Just like all you evaluators have told me during Toastmasters and English speaking exercises. :P ) Can’t help it, sorry. Oh, and the video’s pretty long too, like 12 minutes. (Mostly rambling though. :T )
  3. Yeah I did end up buying a watch at the supermarket, haha. It is Casio though, not something like Cosio or Cazio :lol: and fairly cheap. But I’m gonna wait until the strap wears out before I make a new strap for it. Here’s a doodle of the rainbowy watch. My new watch has a face that’s exactly like the sketch (round, metal, numbers, and a dot for each second in between the numbers :D ).
  4. M-hmm, I actually couldn’t find the word “prospective”. ^^;
  5. No, it’s not actually pronounced vee-log like I did. I think it’s meant to be vuh-log (like blog), but I dunno, V-log seems easier to say.
  6. No, Physics practical did not go well. First paper for the trials + foreign lab + weird kind of power supply we’ve never used before + nerves + last question involving a chapter WE WERE TOLD WAS NOT COMING OUT = :shakefist: . Further Maths test… was like any other Further Maths test (hard. Impossible to get answers for all the questions. Even though it was only Chapter 1/2/3, not 1/2/3/4.) and Mechanics test was like most other Mechanics tests (just fine).
  7. No, we don’t actually have 17 papers for the trials like I said. It’s 18 papers (not including the Physics practical we just did); I forgot Physics Unit 6 because it wasn’t on my “to study” list. (Unit 6 involves all the chapters.)
  8. And… oops. I forgot that I actually did get another present besides my brother’s book. ^_^ Thanks for the cake and card, “secret friend”! :P
  9. Lastly, forgive the random jitters, flickers and blanks (and very low volume and slight hue changes due to the camera’s settings) in the video. I had to transfer it via my thumbdrive, which, as I discovered the hard way, isn’t a very good one. Even transferring pictures cause them to have weird horizontal coloured lines and stuff. :/

Oh, and will you believe it — we’ll still be having art classes during those two weeks of trials! :cry: Our lecturer is eeevillll. (Okay not really, he’s been nice most of the time, but not right now. -_-; ) We’re doing last year’s AS Art question as a “practice run” before the actual exam question for this year. :/ So yeah, sketches to do and ideas to generate and stuff to build and things to present. Eurgh.

Pray that I’ll get things done and not fail Physics or something… :( Bye!


  1. Aneesah says:

    Hey, I take A-Levels too seriously to skip my classes. :P With the state of my (expected) Physics trials results, I need to be serious if I even want to be able to fly. :nod:
    Haha, you can use the vid as a visual lullaby next time. :)

  2. aileen says:

    yesh! “vee-log” for V-Log it is! Hmmm… yes, this post is definitely 75% shorter than the last post I checked in on.

    Hmmm… who’s that secret friend of yours, huh? :heart:

  3. Aneesah says:

    75%, eh? :P
    LOL the secret friend is female, okay? :suspicious: No romantic inclination!

  4. […] a real name, by the way. ) I knew she bought the gifts a long time ago (after the time I mentioned the rainbowy BONITA watch I wanted — hence the rainbow ribbon she included ), but since we both don’t trust the […]

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