A Poem for my other Son

By Aneesah, 13 Sep 19

One has to be fair when one has two sons, no? 😛

Alhamdulillah Mu’een, you are now two!
But subhanAllah, it feels like time just flew,
I remember saying to Abi once,
it doesn’t feel like we have two sons.

Do you want to know why?
Because even though you can really cry,
I imagined that you’re a pet with spiky hair,
and Abi added, “sometimes I see him as a teddy bear!”

Your birth was an easy and quick one,
And in the early months you really slept a ton,
But then came the cradle cap and rash on your cheeks,
your eczema took many months to disappear, not weeks.

It’s never easy being a mum,
And for a mum of two, what a nightmare naptime has become!
Slowly but surely though, you and Abang warmed up,
I guess it dawned on your brother, “he’s gonna be sticking around, yup!”

MashaAllah we saw your unique traits as you grew,
Chubby, smiley, comprehending; strangers are just attracted to you.
You’re good at your motor skills and copying,
like giving flying kisses and fist bumps; even frowning and pouting!

Your hobby is “reading” books, especially when Abang is at school,
you point at a picture and wait for the word, like it’s some kind of rule.
You’ve also always enjoyed putting things in your mouth—not just food,
“cheese” was actually your first word… I’m not sure if that’s good!

A cuddly one; you especially love sleeping on others,
and “lounging”, which kind of reminds me of my brothers…
You have a soft spot for any kind of animal whatsoever,
and you’re always gathering toys and stuffies, how cheeky and clever!

I pray Allah helps you develop well,
as a future helper for the ummah, so you can excel.
May we all be reunited in Jannah one day,
so every minute every day, to Him we thank and pray.

13 September 2019

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