Holidays = Good things

By Aneesah, 3 Dec 07

Blogging time! Imma take the time to separate the entry with different headers, like I used to do. ^^;

Holidays = Home

I was home since the end of the exams, which was November 16th. But, the week before, our Arch Comm lecturer surprised us with the news of having yet another “final” project after Project Hell (which was all done and submitted, after litres of hard work, sweat and tears [no blood, or else we’ll be dead by now]), a model-making project (which we dubbed “Hell II” ) due after exams. :/ So yeah, at that time we were like, whatever, concentrate on exams first (’cause we seriously already used up so much study time to finish HELL), models later.

If you dunno what lorem ipsum is, go Google it :PIf you dunno what lorem ipsum is, go Google it :P Anyway, some random pics first… I filled the fountain pen I mentioned last time and had fun using it for doodling and writing letters. :) It’s quite heavy, but the tip is bold and the ink really black, which makes me happy. ^_^ The ink does get stuck at the tip sometimes though, and now I understand why people keep licking their pens in books and movies. :| (Not that I have.) The picture also shows the inside of the pen barrel and the pen tip itself.

See? The LED is on!See? The LED is on!Oh, and good news: My tablet came back from the dead! :boogie: I don’t know what in the world was the problem the last time I plugged it in, maybe it was some USB thing, but the LED lighted up and then I downloaded the driver again and it works now. :) Just in time too, ’cause I was just about giving up on the cheap mouse that kept double-clicking when I single-click it. :roll: I could barely even do things like surf the web with that mouse, let alone edit pictures or draw.

The cover of the tablet reminds me of something — we don’t have any cats at home anymore. :( After Chewy and Tim disappeared, there was only Winnie and Jean left, so my mother returned them both to the person we got them from. Since it’s not that fun to only have one kitten around. (We planned on returning Winnie as soon and the kitties are old enough anyway.) Apparently after they came back from sending the cats off, my brothers kept hugging and smelling the carpet and pillows that the cats used to lie around on. O_o … I find that slightly disturbing.

Holidays = End of exams

So, before going ahead in the timeline, I’ll have to rant about … exams. Er. I so wished I could get straight As finally, just once before the real A-Levels (’cause after this we only have the trials left, in February I think, and then it’s the Real Thing), but after our four lovely Physics papers — EKKK. (That’s supposed to be the “wrong answer” buzzer sound.) I am so dead. Physics was so hard. Especially Unit 4, Waves and Our Universe. But even the supposedly simple Unit 1 and 2 were rather unbelievable; they (the lecturers who set the questions) actually chose some questions from our first semester exams?! Exactly 100% identical questions that we’ve done and had already discussed! :shakefist: Worst thing is, uh, most of us probably didn’t (have time to) review the past papers so I, personally, will probably get questions that I did wrong exactly one year ago, wrong again. :(

Why oh why….? :cry:

Also, I have the feeling that I concentrated too much on Maths, specifically Further Maths 2 (the easier one; Further Maths 1 — I didn’t even do any exercises, argh!), so that paper felt (almost) like a breeze, (which, in the context of maths exams, merely mean that I got to answer most questions. Whether my answers are right or wrong is another matter altogether… ) FP1 was probably not that difficult, but stupidity and blankness conquered my brain. :shake: Plus about half the class was late that morning (an almost deja vu moment, since I — just me though — was late for a Maths exam last semester), but this time it was the bus driver’s fault. :mad: There were many students waiting that day, and lots of them eventually took taxis, but Ila, Pura, and I decided to ask the hostel’s security guard for help. She called up one of the drivers (after getting the wrong number once :roll: ) and we just reached campus in the nick of time.

Some memorable quotes from exam week:

Kim: We had what, 5 hours of exams today?! That should be, like —
Aneesah: …illegal.


Aneesah: Exams suck the soul out of you. They’re almost like … dementors.


Aneesah: [while munching on chocolate] I totally stocked up on choki-choki this week. Chocolate’s good for dementor attacks, right?

Speaking of chocolate, the stress of exams and Project Hell also brought about a lot of other unhealthy food. :lol: No kidding! We’d use the term “stress eater” all the time, and I think KFC and McDonald’s and ice-cream were involved. ^_^ And yet,

Holidays = Food

McFlurry, Sundae, Cookies and MeMcFlurry, Sundae, Cookies and MeAfterwards we'd count calories and fat from their oh-so-ironic nutrition bookletAfterwards we’d count calories and fat from their oh-so-ironic nutrition booklettoo! :P So far I’ve tried out the new Cornetto ice-cream at McD’s; both the McFlurry and sundae (I like sundae better), and we’ve had Domino’s pizza delivered at least twice, and I make it a point to grab some ice-cream / cookies / Pringles / whatever other junk that catches my eye every time I go to Giant. :D Ooh yeah, and I baked some chocolate chip cookies the other day too. It was from a Betty Crocker mix, very yummy. But our tiny oven could only fit 6 small cookies at a time, so it took a while; all the cookie sheet washing-and-switching and dropping new batches of dough.

The cookies disappeared fast enough, though. :suspicious:

The crappy phone pic doesn't do it justice!The crappy phone pic doesn’t do it justice!Oh, and Domino’s had this really awesome new pizza promotion, we had the one called Classified Chicken twice already. ^^; The thing is, the sauce inside isn’t tomato sauce. It isn’t even red in colour. Apparently it’s a “secret sauce”, but it’s white and creamy and tastes slightly salty, almost cheesy. Yummo. And thin crusts are the best, rectangular slices of pizza are better than triangular ones. :dance:

I always forget to take pictures before I start eating it ^^;I always forget to take a picture before I start eating it ^^; And, we went to Secret Recipe for my brother’s birthday, and they seriously have one of the best mac and cheese dishes I’ve ever tasted. :heart: The prawns were delicious, it must’ve been the butter or garlic or something. And the cheese is totally unlike the from-a-box mac n cheese, or Kenny Roger’s mac n cheese. It tastes more like fetuccini alfredo, only with macaroni and the cheese is more stringy. :) And of course we each had a slice of cake afterwards, (I had Chocolate Indulgence as usual :D ) but I had to share with one of my brothers ’cause the slice was way too big.

Holidays = Interrupted by Arch class

The original card tower by ... some Russian artist (sorry forgot)The original card tower by … some Russian artist (sorry forgot)So yeah, we had about 10 days to finish the model-making project, but all of us did it in a much shorter time span (Kim, Muhsin and Icam went hiking Mount Kinabalu for a few days! And the rest… well, we procrastinated like we always do :X ). Basically, we had to build a model based on an existing sculpture/structure of some sort. The lecturer approved a photo of this card tower from a library book, but suggested I build a skeleton of wires inside it so I’ll learn about structural stuff, instead of it just being a 100% card tower. (Actually, the original sculpture was a self-erecting play thing, made out of cards and rubber bands and tape. The book didn’t have much info on it, but I think it can build itself up or something, judging from the use of rubber bands.)

BUT… I have this dislike of building still, unmovable, “useless” sculptures (even clay scultpures — that’s why I make brooches and magnets etc. out of my clay trinkets :D ), so I thought of how to make my model more interactive. The Googling started, then the YouTube-ing, so the marble track or Rube Goldberg machine idea came up. In the meantime, I went shopping and bought whatever stuff I thought I needed: wire and pliers from the hardware store, marbles from the 2-ringgit store (or was it RM1.99 store?) and though I intended on making the structure out of popsicle sticks (’cause one guy on YouTube used that), I couldn’t find ice-cream sticks sold anywhere and settled on disposable wooden chopsticks instead. :) (Later my roommate told me that bakery shops probably sell ice-cream sticks. :/ ) And I raided my cardboard boxes at home to find junk that I still had — drinking straws from UHT milk (the kind that came in little drink boxes; I bought the milk to have with cereal, not to drink from the box [I can’t drink milk just like that, it always tastes weird ^^; ], so for a while I cut across one corner of the box and poured the milk into a bowl. Hence the many unused straws. :P ) and “borrowed” my brother’s mini playng cards and grabbed some bigger straws from the kitchen when I needed a fence.

So… here’s my masterpiece!

Marble trackMarble track

I was really scared of how my lecturer’s reaction would be, mainly because I think it’s aesthetically … not pleasing, as in, everything’s very “free form” and there wasn’t any real planning that went into it (I built the track in separate pieces, from ideas that I got from YouTube and rushed to stick them all together somehow, the day before I had to leave for college again) and … the gluey mess! :mad: Argh the gluey mess at the joins! Hot glue is not known for it’s neatness, just it’s quick-and-instant-ness. (And not really it’s strength, either. The straw bits are ungluing themselves already.) The joints of the chopsticks are all blobby and the glue’s really obvious…

Which made the lecturer make me paint the whole thing up. -_-; He commented on our models the day before review day (a review is when a guest moderator looks at our works and discusses with our lecturer, whether the marks he gave are too low/high in relation to everybody else’s artworks. So then we’ll either end up with higher or lower or the same marks for each assignment. We stay outside the class while they’re moderating, but if they have any questions then they’ll ask us to come in, individually), and the changes that he asked me to make was that. Paint the chopsticks and straws. :T I was totally dreading having to paint everything (because I’ve thought of it before, and even my brother said, “so paint it lah!” when I complained about the glue mess), “B-but, then the paint will get on to the cards!” I said, and then Sir suggested using markers. :o Oh, yeah, why didn’t I think of markers…?

Off I went, that afternoon, to the stationery shop near the hostels, to buy markers. Icam suggested silver for the chopsticks, and only paint markers come in silver, so that was RM6.80 per marker. -_-; I also bought a black paint marker and a blue permanent marker (there were no blue paint markers :T ). I wanted to paint the “fence” straws black too, but for some reason Sir mentioned, “yeah, just buy those regular markers and colour them… *gestures to the bottom straws* any colour you think is suitable, okay? Just don’t colour them black…” so yeah, they ended up blue. (I guess black would make them blend into the black base, which is not good.) At least the navy blue matched two of the big marbles. :)

Here’s a video blog showing the thing in action. Forgive my crappy look, the scarf was a little loose and we were a little tired after the review. (Or maybe that was because of the huge KFC lunch I had. :suspicious: )

Vlog 5 — here’s the direct link to the FLV file if it makes for easier downloading.

Overall the reaction to the model was good, Sir (and most people) laughed (in amusement, I hope) when the marble rang the bell in the end :lol: and PC couldn’t stop reloading the marbles and staring in fascination :P and the moderator, Puan Ida, called for me to come inside during the review to ask questions. :X (Unfortunately she did notice the gluey spots and pointed to a particularly blobby chopstick end on the track. :( But that was the only thing she “wasn’t happy about”, she said.) Thanks a bunch to my roommate Shura, by the way, who suggested the bells. ^_^ Archies and modelsArchies and models I had no idea what to place at the end of the track, but something that made noise totally makes sense! Thanks also to YouTube and those crazy super smart Japanese people who made those unbelievable tracks. O_o

My classmates came up with some really neat models too: Kim did Stonehenge with polystyrene, Azmah Water Tree by Shingu, Icam part of the Sydney Opera House, Muhsin another water sculpture and PC did The Wiley House by Philip Johnson.

Holidays = Artsy Crafty

Hehehe. This is so typical. Mostly crochet things this time, to use up some yarn I already have. And I don’t know why the obsession with gloves, nobody wears gloves in this country unless it’s for hygiene purposes. Or if it’s part of a uniform. ^^; But oh well, we’ll save the gloves up for when my bros visit me in the UK some years from now. (Haha. Like they’ll be thick enough for the freezing cold there anyway. :P )

My purple fingerless glovesMy purple fingerless glovesSadiq's half-finger gloveSadiq’s half-finger gloveAman's full gloveAman’s full gloveCap in progress -- before unravelingCap in progress — before unraveling I’m also making a cap/beanie for Suhaib’s birthday (it was on Saturday :P ), though that’s taking a while. I was done up to that much until I realised the pattern stated “…in back loops only” and I’ve been crocheting in both loops all the while. :roll: So I had to unravel the whole thing, but in the end it was good ’cause Suhaib later said he didn’t want stripes. Now I’m about halfway finished. I usually crochet while watching TV anyway, it makes TV-watching feel productive. :D And the patterns for the gloves are at its respective Flickr links. ‘Course I didn’t invent the patterns myself. I’m not that good. :P

Purple watch strap and ringPurple watch strap and ring And this is a watch band and a ring my mother asked me to make for her. (The original metal strap of the watch was deteriorating and poked out and kept catching on her sleeves and stuff. O_o ) She even picked the beads. :lol: It’s pretty much the same as my current watch strap, only with a different colour pattern. The ring was easy enough, and also made from elastic thread so there won’t be size problems.

cardsThe top one was designed with Photoshop and printed, bottom was painted with acrylics (even the Happy HOLIDAYS ;) ). They have a clay snowflake pin and a crochet snowflake, respectively.Another kind of art — greeting-card-making! These are for deviantART’s Holiday Card Project, where they collect cards from all over the world and distribute them to patients in US hospitals during the holiday season. I’ve participated before, a couple of years ago, and it was fun. I also got a lucky draw thing and received a free 1-year subscription there! :boogie: (A dA sub just gives you more features throughout the site.) But I haven’t posted this year’s cards yet, ’cause the post office was somehow closed the other day. :T I think posting to the US might take up to two weeks, so I better get it flying off soon…

Holidays = 1 more uni application

The main five university applications through UCAS have been submitted, but since I want to apply to the AA, and it has a separate application and portfolio and an essay… I’m still not done with it. :/ I have to start on the essay (candidate’s statement), mainly, and probably some portfolio pieces ’cause they ask for A4 (and maybe up to A3) size artworks and I hardly have any. :suspicious: By the way, my five choices for UCAS were University College London, Birmingham City University, De Montfort University, Oxford Brookes University, and University of Kent. The last two choices were actually University College for the Creative Arts and Lincoln University, until I discovered that JPA has a list of approved universities on their website, and those two weren’t in there. *_*

Okay, I’m done. I haven’t been able to take pics of the other Arch assignments we’ve had this semester (’cause … there’s too many of them :mad: ) but I’ll post them when I have. I only got one B, I think, which is like last semester too. But last semester’s assignments were much much more stressful. At least we didn’t have to deal with colours at all this time! :yay: Anyway, bye for now, happy holidays!


  1. Maryam h says:

    wow your studio looks so nice and clean and bright! compared to ours…

  2. Aneesah says:

    Haha, our “studio” is actually just a regular classroom with a couple of drafting tables at the back. It’s not even our classroom, actually. (Since we were floating last semester.) The archie-juniors’ studio is also a classroom, but without the small study desks. We use it occasionally. :)

  3. Rad says:

    woohoo, update! ^^; And a new Vlog too!

    Happy Holidays Aneesah! I’m in a bit of a rush but I just want to greet you this season! Have fun!

  4. Fatima says:

    I hope you had a great Christmas! ;D

    A little smile, a word of cheer, a bit of love from someone near; a little gift from one held dear, best wishes for the coming year… May you have a wonderful 2008! ^_^

  5. Shelly says:

    Hey Aneesah! I hope you still remember lil ‘ol Shelly! Lol, I’ve changed to a new domain at, so if you’d still like to be affiliates be sure to udpate your links. ^^

    But wow, you got out soooo early for the semester and all! But then again I guess you started earlier than I did? Or we have different school years and stuff…ahh…whatever, too technical to think about. That really sucks that your professor did another final project after your finals have already ended. T_T That shouldn’t even be allowed or fair!

    That’s so awesome that you have a tablet! A friend of mine who is really into drawing has wanted on for a long time — but it’s expensive and her parents aren’t willing to buy her one. I was going to try and get her one for the holidays or something, but then again, I’m not that rich myself and being a college student without a job…*cough* Let’s just say poor college students can’t do much. -sighs-

    Ehhh, straight A’s. That’s something I really wanted this semester as well. But I ended up scrapping by with a pass and two B+s…which…well, yeah. To me as a pre-med student has squashed hopes of getting into medical school. I need to kind of…find a new profession or something now. *cries* I think Physics is universally hated, because I have yet to meet a real person who likes physics. =/ Minus the one math/physics double major that lives on my floor but he doesn’t count. -_- That marble track of yours is pretty awesome lookthing though. I like how you used playing cards. ^^ Very cute!

    Ooo, look at all those school you’ve applied to! *crosses fingers* Ahh, I remember the stress of applying to colleges and I’m so happy I got over that stuff. But now it’s the actual stress of being in a university that is killing me. My poor grades. *sobs*

    Ah, my dear, I’m sorry I’ve taken up most of this comment talking about myself it seems! @_@ I’ve been away from the blogging world for so long that I’ve forgotten how to comment. =[ sorry!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful new year! Let’s both look forward to all the new things that’ll come upon us in 2008!

  6. ifos says:

    Just checking to say hi ;) My, u sure r up to a lot of stuff… Love the marble track n all those crafty pieces of art ;)

  7. yvy says:

    my, my, my…it’s been far too long n you have indeed been busy!! xeams, studying, crochet, that masterpiece of yours n all…wow!! i’m tired after rading it all. lol anyway, i hope it’s not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

    ps. it’s been so long, u still remember me? :B

  8. Aneesah says:

    Of course I do! The vowel-less name! ;) Great to hear from you again!

  9. Aneesah says:

    Ah, no worries, I like comments that talk about the commentor! :boogie: It’s been a while since I heard from you too. ;) Will update links soon.

    My tablet wasn’t that expensive, I think it was around 200 ringgit, which is about 50 dollars? Then again, it’s an older Wacom model, and the smallest size. Maybe a secondhand one wouldn’t be bad?

    Yep, some of my friends have had to change their path after not getting into medical school, too. I think it’s a good thing, ’cause I think things’ll just get harder and harder, especially in studying medicine! All the best to you!

  10. azwan says:

    i think i can use ur marble track to unstress my mind. pegi lelong dekat ebay tak?

  11. Aneesah says:

    Huhu, a half-unassembled marble track tengah collect habuk in my room. -_-; I’m not sure if it works anymore, dah senget-senget dah. :(
    Try making one yourself, the process is good to go through too. :D

  12. Azmil says:


    am impressed with the video, so much so that I might want to post one on my blog, maybe in a few.. years? hehe..

    Plus this posting’s dated, which I came across only from googling.

    Ah, what la..

    Passing through :D

  13. Aneesah says:

    :lol: Thank you! Nice to get a new comment on an old entry. :D

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