The Beautiful Names of Allah

By Aneesah, 14 Mar 19

Most of us would probably have memorised the Asma’ul Husna (Beautiful Names of Allah) via classic nasheeds as a child. But for years I’d wanted to go through them properly and learn the meanings and background, especially in order to include His Names when making du’a.

There are already various online resources for this, eg:

  • Creative Motivations — I’d periodically get e-mail newsletters to learn each name, very useful
  • — I’ve borrowed their downloadable document to create my own (thank you!)

Fun fact: did you know there might be more than 99 names/attributes of Allah? I’ve actually found slight differences in the various lists online, so feel free to do your own research because there are different sources.


My inspiration for creating a “desk calendar”-style tool was this Hadith calendar which I’ve purchased. I am a big fan of these automatic visual learning tools: I place the calendar somewhere we’d see it daily, like on a dresser in the bedroom and sooner or later you’d end up memorising what’s on it!

Suggested tools to make the calendar: hole punch, corner punch, cardboard for the base (you can also recycle an old desk calendar!) and ring binders.

I’ve created these to be printed on A4 pages, two names to a sheet. You can also just use these as flash cards. I highly recommend adding the meaning/translation either on the cards or behind them.

Microsoft Word file. If you don’t need to edit anything, just download the PDF version for printing.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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  2. Hafsa says:

    Very good and helpfull

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