Functional Home DIYs

By Aneesah, 9 Apr 18

Continuing the home-y spirit of the last entry, here’s a list of things we’ve made around the house. A couple of notes:

  • It’s a rental, so there’s nothing too crazy done.
  • We’ve lived here for about a year and a half.
  • Still fixing-upping it bit by bit, next is probably the yard & outside of the house.
  • There will be a non-functional category right at the end.  ^^; #disclaimer

1. All the curtains

Curtains can be expensive yet are the easiest thing to sew. We have all manners of DIY curtains at home:

And the best thing is, many of these fabrics came from a bag of home decor fabrics sold as remnants for the magical price of (drumroll…) RM10! I know, #bestbargainever

2. Recycled bottle pouf

Pouf made out of 16 plastic milk bottles.

Second pouf, made more than a year later!

I love these because they’re the most useful piece of furniture when you have a toddler/pre-schooler who would quite like to be self-reliant and reach things himself. For adults, it also makes for a good footrest under a computer table, or a compact stool for extra seating (like outside the bathroom 😆 ).

The inspiration and rough instructions came from Pinterest finds like below:

Found via CraftGossip.

We will probably keep on collecting milk bottles to make at least one more pouf, although it might take another year! :nod:

3. Entryway shelf, starburst mirror and ottoman

These three bits make up our little entryway organisation area!

I was so keen on getting the small white shelf (especially) done because someone has a habit of dropping bits like receipts and coins on any horizontal surface in any room of the house and then has trouble recollecting the exact location when needed. 🙄

I have since discovered the power of such shelves, trays and/or baskets to act as “crap collector/hider”. We have crappity-baskets everywhere!

The bamboo mirror was made from a bathroom mirror and (surprise) bamboo from a craft store. The ottoman was a coffee table; shortened, painted then switched out the table top.

Oh, I forgot! The clock was a small DIY project too.

4. (Not-so-functional) wall art

Because I like having things to look at around the house. 😀 Most of these are my husband’s khat (calligraphy) designs but we made them together.

That is it, for now! I have most of these projects up on Facebook if you need more information.

And, I might be learning how to make soap from used cooking oil soon. Wouldn’t that be a super-functional DIY? :yay:

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