Why Blogging Needs to Come Back

By Aneesah, 15 Mar 18

Assalamu’alaikum. It’s been awhile! I’ll keep this short because I hope (!) that I’ll finally keep to this writing habit, especially after having come up with this entry. :X

1. Some people just need to write

I might have been in denial of this, but the fact is that for most of my life, I have been writing letters. These letters acted like diary entries: an outlet for my mind and heart. I have unfortunately written very little after getting married and having children — thus depriving myself of my mechanism to understand, process, express, and reflect on my thoughts and emotions! This can not be good in the long run.

2. Social media? Not good enough.

Inadvertently, most of us turn to social media for venting and sharing. There are many reasons why I find spaces like Facebook far from ideal, mainly due to a lack of … depth, if that is the correct word to use. Most of the things shared on social media have a kind of expectation for reactions / responses, whereas blog entries — I feel — are written primarily for the author herself, not an audience. The quick ‘n’ easy style of social media posts (and reactions! Do not get me started on those one-click emojis o_O ) are like drive-thru fast food compared to good ol’ writing from the soul: it does the job but you can’t live on it forever.

Another point: on social media, one is very much more prone to judgement — say one “wrong” thing and you’re automatically perceived as ungrateful, sharing TMI, and/or be bombarded with unsolicited advice. I would prefer my own space any day.

3. To leave a legacy

Reading is great. I’ve been able to revive my book-reading habit around two years ago and appreciate writers very, very much. Unfortunately when it comes to writing, the monkey in my head starts to voice out all sorts of objections and excuses:

  1. Nobody cares to read anyway.
  2. We’ve all heard it before — what more can I add?
  3. I can’t make the time to write for myself…
  4. I have plenty of work and responsibilities on my plate, writing is a luxury!
  5. What good can come out of my writing?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But I already know that writing is beneficial for myself, and I can only hope that it brings goodness to others. A lot of life’s experiences are shared across generations after all — and since life is short and time is limited, let us take advantage of what we do have: the internet!

Here’s to blogging being a way to leave a legacy, and not just a marketing tool. I need to build up my blog-reading list too, for motivation and all that. :nod:



  1. Wahidah says:

    Awh..this entry buat I nak tulis blog balik. So truee aneesahh

    • Aneesah says:

      Wahidahhh I miss you! Please keep blogging alive! It’s true we write for ourselves tapi kalau ada geng best jugak kan. ?

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