By Aneesah, 14 Dec 13

If Croatia was a belated travel video, Malta is an extremely belated video. πŸ˜› After Croatia, we spent a day in London and headed to Malta, where we were joined by two more housemates to make a group of eight! :clap: (The video below does contain some clips from Croatia though — my mistake for mixing them up. ^^; )


Since it’s been six months since the actual trip, the stuff that sticks in my mind are literally just super-long, fast, bumpy bus rides (like at least 30mins – 1hr long) and sleeping during them. πŸ˜› Malta is such a small island country — beautiful of course, with a somewhat desert climate, and full of tourists during the summer. The sunsets, clear waters, sandy beaches and bays are totally epic.

It was especially important for me to finish editing the video soon because three of my mates are going back to Malaysia for good very soon! It’s been so awesome travelling with them, so much funnies. πŸ˜†

Ta-ta for now! Wassalam.


  1. 'Amirah says:

    :’D SubhanAllah, cantiknyaaaaaaa!

  2. Saya says:

    Dear sister , guna software apa ya buat video tu? Jzzk! πŸ˜€

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