The seemingly “insignificant”

By Aneesah, 31 Mar 13

This book arrived in the post today. I forgot that I ordered it, it certainly took awhile to arrive.


The book.

I stumbled across it from a blog post of “rules” in art, and indeed, life:


10 Rules.

A whole lot of the above resonated with what our architecture tutor advocates (read: drills into our heads) so I figured I shall need to know more.

A few pages into the book, and there is mention of Charles and Ray Eames (famous American architects/artists) ā€”

The Eames showed students their documentary short films on toys, or travel, or soapsuds, sharing their respect for the significance of the seemingly “insignificant”.

The seemingly insignificant! The little things! Things like magic highlighters!” my head went. A few paragraphs later ā€”

The authors’ insistence that creativity is based on the close observation of the ordinary

So I guess it is an “artistic” thing, being “observant of” or “interested in” random stuff. I thought I was just being an appreciative human being and slave (of God).

OK bye, wassalam.

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