By Aneesah, 8 Feb 07

It’s 12:16 am. I shut down the computer hours ago but just had to bring it to life again so I could post a blog entry … to thank my wonderful friends for their birthday wishes.

  • To Adibah (the earliest, she was like a week ahead! :lol: ), Amirah Vivy, Aidil and Sarah Othman (who waited till midnight ;) ) for the Friendster testimonials.
  • To the midnight SMSers; Aqilah, Ezzati, Kim and Jue. *hugs*
  • To Sapura and (I’m assuming) Ila, Ekin, Syaza (and possibly Jue or Emma or some other roommates/neighbours ^^; ) for the phone call and birthday song, believe me — I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. :D Sorry couldn’t recognise all your voices, but hey, the song sounded good. :)

Thanks a lot pals, though really, I was born at 9 am. :| Another 9 hours to go till I’m officially 18 years old, people! :P

(Also *muahh* to my mother for the bunch of chocolates she gave me last weekend — though I forgot the Kit-Kats were the “international recipe” kind which requires chilling. ^^; But they’re all in the fridge now, no worries.)

And now, back to reading Physics notes. :suspicious: Test tomorrow today. Also staying back at school to finish an art assignment. Long day ahead, but hey, I’ll be 18. What can’t I do? :D

[Added at 4:18 pm] Heheh. Lots more people to thank:

  • To Maryam Nabeelah, my bestest friend ever, for the SMS. Thanks for remembering, even though we haven’t seen each other in ages! Also to Wahab, Kamal “HII” and my bro Sadiq for SMSing, and ‘Atiyah for MMSing. ;)
  • To Fathin Nabilah aka Atin from SMKDDS, my “lil sis” all the way in Melaka. Haha, I was wondering why I’d get a call from a number with the area code 06 instead of the usual 03 (for Selangor, my state) early in the morning. ^^; Your call made my day!
  • To all my classmates (ALEd 4C peeps; want me to list them down? :lol: Alright then: Syimi, S, Icam, Muhsin, PC, Pura, Ekin, Ila, Nana, Azmah, Kim, Adibah, Kak Long, Syaz, and Sarah), thanks for singing happy birthday, even though you didn’t have to. :P No thanks to Azmah for telling everybody! :shakefist: (Kidding. :boogie: ) Oh, and to Muhsin & Icam for the sweets. And the 50 cents. :suspicious:
  • To Aishah Sukor, Emma, Farhani, and anybody else I might’ve left out. :) Thank you!
  • And to Sapura (again), Afifah, Zainul aka Cipin, Farzaana and PC for the testimonials.

I had a great day. :) The test was fine, art assignment’s finished, just some more sketches to complete.


  1. Han says:

    whee many happy returns :D
    kit kats *yum*

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