Gem #66

By Aneesah, 17 Mar 13


Another Canterbury sketch.

Between non-mahram men and women conversations are acceptable, just keep it to the point.
Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan

Anddd what I ranted on Facebook: “I wish more males would get this rule? So fahamlah kenapa if you bump into a female student while she is heading somewhere, she answers your salaam and walks off to continue her business. Tak perlulah ungkit saying one is arrogant or ran away or whatnot. SIGH.”

I think it is understandable how one might wish to become increasingly more practicing (in terms of adhering to one’s faith/religion) as one’s knowledge / wisdom / age also increases.

Gender relations would be one such aspect in which one might choose to change in. Non-mahram basically means non-immediate family members, ie. males who are marriageable to a female. Even male cousins are non-mahram.


So to you, you and you, please understand why I don’t like to “chat”, or why I immediately ask “is there something I can help you with?” in messages, and things like that. I know I am imperfect and there are situations when it is more difficult to practice what we preach. I am sorry. Others know themselves better and may have lower guards than I do.

But I try my best.

What do you think?

I think...