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By Aneesah, 17 Mar 13

I am also a great believer in writing things down. In documenting. I make it a point to write down every one of my Jumuah khutbahs. The result is, I was able to publish a book recently called “Understanding Islam”, which is 52 complete khutbahs, 650 pages.

Shaykh Yawar Baig

I also advocate this documenting thing, whether through writing, sketching, keeping a journal / notebook, video-blogging… A teacher in school once mentioned how “orang Melayu” (or people in my region in general) were historically not very good at documenting things, unlike Westerners and those of other civilisations. That’s why I find things like Malaysian youths’ vlogs and stuff very encouraging and cool. It’s a way of opening up to the world, sharing our life and identity, and leaving a legacy after we pass on.

Hence my attempting to transfer some things from my Facebook Timeline into blog posts inshaAllah. Since things always end up being buried way too deep in Facebook in order to be easily retrieved afterwards… Forgive me if you’re a Facebook friend/follower and are reading some of this for the second time.


Sketch of a nearby garden. It occurred to me after seeing some Canterbury sketches, that I’ve never actually sketched this place even after 3+ years of staying here… I have lots of photos, but so do other people. Sketches are different in that they have gone through a process. My process. It’s automatically stamped with my name and hand, all over it.


I recently purchased a book for myself, called An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration from the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers. Reading through it and following the video interviews that go along with it, has been enlightening and exciting. “There are other people like me!!!,” I heard my brain scream. Of course I never assumed I was unique or that weird, nor am I locating myself on par with these amazing sketch-artists (some of them have hundreds of personal sketchbooks!), but listening to them talking about PENS for a solid 15 minutes… :boogie: Heehee.


Sketches at a recent birthday dinner.


Whether in Malaysia or in the UK, something that always turns out to be a good experience and that I’ve been opening up towards, is getting to know friends of your friends. Cool people tend to have have cool friends! ^_^

(‘Cool’ maybe also be replaced with pleasant /, good-natured / funny / awesome / etc.)

Like how the birthday girl (lady? :P ) invited all of her friends from different “circles”, so getting to know them was very sweet. :) Similarly, being with Weekenders Club last year and hanging out with friends of my friends made me realise that it’s a good thing to gather different kinds of people together, instead of like… “separating” your acquaintances from your school friends / neighbours / uni housemates / etc.


My first 5000-word essay w00t.

I thought I would share my essay for my Cultural Context module last term. :clap: I am quite proud of it to be honest, and the marks were… good though not excellent, alhamdulillah — it was just my painstaking diligence of writing little by little, in the library on Wednesday afternoons… indeed self-satisfaction is a worthy reward. :)

Now if only I can manage to apply the same motivation to my design module… Please pray for us all! ^^;

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  1. kimmy says:

    I’ve saved your essay up for a read! I like that you’ve published it online too :) Will do the same for mine once I get it done!

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