The craft supplies move.

By Aneesah, 4 Sep 12

Cross-posted on Facebook. There is a video below (complete with annoying background music :B ), in case you’re reading through a feed reader.

  • This was a request from Nafisah ages ago. She asked, “sis, mind if i want to see how u organized or how u stuff ur crafting things and place that u used to craft? if u dun mind can take pic. just to be inspired ^^”
  • And so, I took a bajillion photos and made a (lazy) stop-motion vid. I do not have a “proper” crafting area/space/storage. Pretty craft rooms are for the rich. >:P Shoe and food boxes are good enough to at least contain the various mess of stuff. There are more fabrics and materials in and around the closet.
  • And I work either on my bedroom floor or dining table. Mostly on my bedroom floor, and I don’t mind it at all. :)
  • I’ve learned from experience that making excuses (for instance, not having certain materials/tools, not having a proper workspace, not having time) are just that: excuses. They don’t work.  :| They’re not the real reasons. Most of the time, if you really want to do something, you will do it. And even if you don’t really feel like doing something, but you do it anyway, it goes on just fine. :P

Here are some recent-ish fabric projects:

Zipper pouch for an order.

Another zipper pouch for an order.

iPad case/stand


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