First post of 2007!

By Aneesah, 3 Jan 07

Hmm. I’ll be back at the hostel in four days. Boohoo. School. Homework. Studying. Classes. Meetings. Food stall food. Oh well. The holiday hasn’t been all that exciting either, and before my brain goes dead I guess I better get some learning back into my life. So… Remember in the last entry I said we had to stay at a hotel for a night ’cause the electricity was being cut off ’cause the electricity people was gonna do some technical stuff? We did (and yes, the blackout lasted as long as the notice said it would), and it was pretty cool. Because the hotel was so close to — no, actually it’s the same building as — the shopping complex, it felt like we were…

Living at the Mall

Okay, not really. ^^; But you only had to take the elevator down a few floors and go through that doorway and woohoo — you’re among the bustling-people-shops-stalls scene, just like magic. :lol: So I’m not a very shopping-person, but I did go off window shopping on my own. For the first time. ^^; I’m not brave enough to spend money on shopping-things (you know, things besides food or groceries) without consulting somebody first (usually my mother), but it was an experience. And it was tiring. ‘Cause I seemed to walk so much faster than if I had company (mind you, I am already a fast-walker), and only entered a few shops, merely peeking in the others, and ended up sitting on a comfy sofa in Borders with a stack of overpriced craft books for the rest of the day ^_^ . (Also, there were more shoppers in the late afternoon and I hate walking among crowds, so it worked out.)

Left: Old bag. Right: New bag.Left: Old bag. Right: New bag. I was looking for a new school bag, by the way. A backpack, ’cause one-shoulder bags always hurt if they have books inside. And neutral colours work good (they’ll never clash with any coloured outfits :P), but white gets dirty too quickly and black is a little striking, so I got a brown one. Just like my old school bag. ^^; This one’s a lil’ more messy-graffiti-sk8er-boyish style, and is a bit bigger, but I like it.

I’m pretty resistant to change when it comes to getting new things, you know. Even my new glasses look almost like the old one (frameless, rounded-rectangle-ish), except the the frame (okay, I know I said it’s frameless but um, the nose and side bits are still called frames, right?) is brownish instead of pinkish andddd … it has clip-ons! :boogie: (Clip-ons are sunglasses, or rather just “sunlenses”, that attach to my regular glasses using tiny magnets.) My first ever glasses had clip-ons, but I rarely used them. Even now I think I’ll just wear them in the car, or when I drive. :D (No, I can’t really drive yet.)

Aneesah the Driver

But I have drived! droven driven drove. I have drove. Eh, I dunno. :| It was the last kursus (which translates to course, I guess) before my L(earners) license is processed and the 10- or 16-hour individual practice sessions with the instructor, and I didn’t know I was going behind the wheel that day, but it was cool. Of course, manual transmission sucks and the engine died a couple of times ’cause I keep forgetting in which order to do what, but again, it was cool. :) I barely went over 20 km/h (it was first gear most of the time) and only know how to drive up a hill (…sort of. There’s still the stop-exactly-on-the-yellow-line thing I haven’t nailed :P ), no parking or 3-point-turns or stuff like that, but I think it was fine. My steering was okay, although I had no idea what the push-and-pull technique in the exam booklet was (’cause the diagram was confusing), so I just turned the steering wheel however I wanted to (and the instructor didn’t comment, I think details will be taught later). And then I looked it up on Google and found this nice site with a video on how to do the technique. It looks neat, but I doubt most people actually make it a habit to steer the proper way in real life. Just like how I doubt people practice the 2-second or 12-second or whatever-second technique to determine the safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or the safe distance to cut — it is called cut in English, right? — the other car, bla bla bla. :roll:

So I’ll probably just be able to practice during weekends, and the problem with that is I’ll forget the previous lesson’s stuff by the time the next lesson comes around. But whatever, enough about driving. :)


CintaCinta I’ve been to the cinema quite a few times these holidays (thrice, to be exact), compared to previous breaks (which, on average, would be zero). First I watched Cinta (Love) ’cause my mother’s office friends invited her and she invited me. There’s so much hoo-ha about the movie and I’ve heard so many people saying how awesome it is, and you wanna know my reaction when the movie ended? BLERGH. Take the typical Malay movie, add a couple of nice scenic shots of KL to it, and a dozen love songs every five minutes, plus even more cheesy unrealistic “it’s all because of loooove” stuff, and you get this movie. X( Out of the five separate love stories in this (they sort of make all 10 main characters relate to each other in a way, and they all live nearby, in KL) only one was GOOD and touching, to me. The one with the sister and brother and in the end the sister dies after donating her kidney or something. (Oh, but death is another important element of a typical Malay movie. There must be someone dying, or getting married. :nod: ) The others were all superbly unrealistic (I mean, there was more than one occasion where the dinner date happens in the middle of nowhere. There’s just a table for two and a waiter and perhaps an orchestra in the background, and nothing else; no one else!), like how the wife cheated on her husband and decided to confess during dinner at said unrealistic surroundings, saying “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” a gazillion times. And then the husband gets so shocked and everything, sure, but he still wants her and misses her and gives her notes even when the wife now lives at the other man’s home. Ew! O_o The little girl who played their daughter was great, though. She cried so well. ^^;

And imagine the ew-ness when I discovered other people actually cried at the end of the movie. Tears, people! :| But I’m sure I’m not the only one with this kind of opinion about the movie, even if I’m in the minority.

Cicak-ManCicak-Man Then we watched Cicakman, which I mentioned in the last entry. Pretty good movie, didn’t feel local at all. :) Except the main actor is known for his stupid extravagant jokes, and there were such “funny” jokes, but I didn’t really mind them for some reason. And the storyline (or perhaps I should say, ending) is unique, the CGI-effects stuff were cool (not perfect, but cool), and there were some smart little moments, like the guy has a finger-click-controlled lightbulb in his room, and one time, he was thinking of an idea, and when he got it, he clicked his fingers. (Natural habit, right?) And of course, being Cicakman, he was hanging from the ceiling, and the lightbulb was right behind him, and it lit up, just like in cartoons when a bulb magically appears on the person’s head! :lol: Call me easily amused, but it seemed the rest of the audience didn’t even get it. :/ The bad points were… some of the acting was rather bleh, and it’s obvious that they “borrowed” ideas from other movies, and the female character was … the typical female character in superhero movies, and Cicakman’s costume — O_o. They could’ve done better, really. But good movie.

(And, BTW, I think I was at the shopping mall/restaurant when the cast were doing the promotional stuff for this movie. I didn’t know what movie it was at that time, but now I do. ^^; I remember we wanted to sit at a table in Kenny Roger’s Roasters but the waitress said that section was closed, so we chose another table. And as we were finishing lunch, the celebrities and camera crew came along from the main stage area [I heard voices and singing before, but had no idea who it was or what the performance was for] to the previously closed section for interviews and pictures. And then we quickly finished and left ’cause a crowd was starting to form. We hate crowds, remember? :P )

Tentang BulanTentang Bulan

Third movie; Tentang Bulan (About the Moon). Nothing much to say; it’s about a bunch of village kids and their friendship, and things like why boys suck. (They were really mean to their female friend when a new, prettier girl came along! :shake: ) Hmm, the voice dubbing annoyed me, I guess this company has a thing for the mouth-not-syncing-with-the-voice. At all. :shakefist: The kids were great actors, and the story was all awwww, and there’s some “inside joke” about the characters who just happen to have the name Mawi and Ina. (There are real celebrities named Mawi and Ina, and let’s just say there’s a history between them. :P ) And some of the casting for the adult characters was so off. But nice movie overall.

A Story about my Memory

Oh oh, but I need to tell you this. First thing I blurted out, when the movie started, was “This kid went to my school! :o:lol: I know hearing people talking during a movie is annoying, but I was caught by surprise and had to tell my mother. Sure, my old town is known for producing actors and it was a really small part and the guy was my classmate in Primary 1 (which is 10 years ago!) and he wasn’t even my friend, but I remembered and recognised him! :P I even remember the day; I entered my school in the second semester when everybody else already knew each other, and there was no empty desk for me, but this guy didn’t come to school that day so I sat at his place in the front right corner. That’s just about all I can recall. I think afterwards I got a new desk and chair. :) And though the guy might’ve still been in the same school as me, possibly till secondary school, I’ve never been in the same class as him again or seen him anywhere.

My mother just said, “So you can remember a classmate from 10 years ago but not how much change the ticket person gave to you? O_o “. Long story: I bought the movie tickets (after reserving them online the previous day, of course. We got the best seats and didn’t have to queue up with the Christmas crowd. :D [I believe we did go on Christmas, so public holiday, lotsa people going out]) and paid and got the tickets, but afterwards we went to get drinks and nachos at DQ Julius :yay: and my mother asked me to pay with the change money ’cause she gave me an RM50 note before, and I was surprised to see that my wallet had no RM10 notes in it. :o And it should, because the tickets were only RM26 (two adults, one child — my brother). And for a while I was panicking, freaking out ’cause my mother was all, you need to go back to the counter right after this. But how are you supposed to know how much change she gave you, now? Does it say anything on the tickets? I don’t know how you’re gonna do it, but make sure you get the money. How could you forget? You need to be responsible with things like this!

And then it hit me —

I paid with my own money, three RM10 notes. ^^;^^;^^; My memory suddenly worked again and a vision of three red notes in my hand, passing through the hole in the glass-barrier-thing and the lady giving me four RM1 notes appeared. I don’t really have photographic memory, but sometimes a certain moment, seen through my eyes, just sticks. The problem is the moment isn’t really recall-able when I need to recall it. =X But all was well and I didn’t have to embarrass myself by going back to the counter and all that.

Faces are a little different, though. I remember faces. So as long as a person’s face doesn’t change that much as he/she grows older, I’ll remember the person. Names come a while later, just like how I remembered the-guy-in-the-movie’s first name first, and in the middle of the movie I remembered his middle name. And I even stayed till the credits to check if I got it right. (I did. ;) )

The you-know-what part of the entry

Crochet toteCrochet tote So. I finished the crochet tote bag I showed before, only it’s a little messed up ’cause … my yarn just has the knack for running out at the worse spots, like the middle of the row. And when I go to buy more, either the colour has run out, or the shop lady gave me the wrong colour despite me bringing the label and code already. -_-; But it’s still a nice bag and I gave it to my mother for her birthday. (She wanted it. ^_^) Pattern’s from, with some modifications.


Hello Kitty pinHello Kitty pin BraceletBracelet Celtic braid keychainCeltic braid keychain Bead projects; a blue-purple bracelet/bookmark/hanging-thing made from kids’ plastic beads, a Hello Kitty pin from seed beads (I forgot the site the pattern is from, bad me :( ) and a long keychain/zipper-pull for my backpack, also from seed beads. The colours happen to match really well with my bag, even though I just grabbed all the nice-coloured beads in the store and after using up some beads for the Hello Kitty piece, ended up with these colours. ^_^ And I also forgot where this pattern came from, oops. I only saved the pictures instead of the whole HTML page like I usually do, so any URLs are lost. :/ Anyway, I think I’m giving away the first two things, anybody want them? :) They’re not perfect at all, you know how messy a crafter I am, but I don’t wear jewelry or am HK‘s #1 fan ^^; , so…

Red White Black t-shirtRed White Black t-shirt And look — I sewed clothes! :o Not from scratch though, that’s too much work. :suspicious: I cut up three separate t-shirts and joined them up to become one t-shirt. Don’t ask me why; I was just bored one night and knew I couldn’t go to sleep early ’cause I had a long nap that afternoon, so I decided I needed a project and did this. :nod: You can read the long story on this thread. The finished t-shirt is still a little bit tight to wear out, so I’ll just wear it at home, I think. And it’s super messy, the stitching. I blame it on my habit of … skipping little “unnecessary” things like measuring, planning, basting, etc. :P and I think my lack of sewing machine needles. :| I only have that one-sized needle, which I guess is too big for the thin knitted material, judging from the gigantic holes in the fabric when I pick out a seam. ^^;


My tiny fridgeMy tiny fridge Here’s the place for random pictures I wanna show ya. Numero uno; I asked my father to buy me a mini-fridge so I can eat fruit and store things like margarine at the hostel. This is just a picture of the picture on the box, but yeah, it’s small. See there — in can only fit 9 drink cans, lying on their sides. But it works and the size is perfect for me. :) Ignore the fact that fridges aren’t allowed in our rooms, for whatever stupid reason that I don’t know of. Other people bring them too, and I need my fruit. X(

Rainbow clothesRainbow clothes Haha. This is a picture of my arranged-by-rainbow-colour rack of clothes. I don’t have a proper wardrobe because it won’t fit through our staircase when we moved here (I know, how silly, huh? :roll: ) so I just have a rack. And these aren’t all my clothes, the rest are folded on a bookshelf and … some are still in my suitcase. ^^; I brought them home from my hostel room but I don’t wear them, so they’ll stay there till this Sunday. :P I do have a lot of black, don’t I? And the rainbow thing is just for fun, my maid messes it up when she brings up new clothes, though.

Knitted cardiganKnitted cardigan Oh, and guess what? Before this cardigan, I didn’t have any pink clothes at all, minus one old pink t-shirt I only wear at home. ^^; I found this long knitted cardigan at Reject Shop (during a trip to Alamanda in Putrajaya — I think I like Alamanda :D ), and there was only one size, no label. It had a robe-like tie around the waist but I removed it and crocheted a rosette pin from the tie to act like a button. I haven’t really worn this anywhere yet (it’s kind of weird to wear knitted stuff here :/ ), but it probably looks better with black underneath, doesn’t it? The knitted pattern has two stripes of holes at the back, and white showing through just looks peculiar.

new tablet coverNew tablet cover I printed out a new tablet cover, it’s from a photo of an unnamed kitten we found outside the house years ago. A tablet cover’s not really a cover, more like a desktop wallpaper, i.e. just for looks, that goes under the plastic cover. My previous one was a flower shot, that I took in our old garden. I’ve probably shown — wait; shown or showed? Does “showed” exist? :? — it here before. (I’ve probably shown this kitty picture before too, but never mind.) Anyway, let’s gush at how adorable the kitty is, lookie those huge eyes and floppy ears, awwwwwwwwww. ^_^ Oh, and speaking of kitties, my brother found a similar striped kitten at this house a few days ago. I named it Scratchy. (It was quite a violent cat.) But our mother won’t allow it to stay in the house, so we let it outside, and I don’t think it’s been back since then. Boo. :cry:

Red flowersRed flowers And this is just a shot of some flowers outside Alamanda I took ’cause I was bored waiting for my brothers to come. I made it a stock photo, so clickie on the pic if you want to use it for a layout or anything. :)

Okay, I think that’s it. Another rather long entry from me. I think now that my brothers have started school (their semester started today, and mine’ll start on Monday, the 8th) I should probably like … get ready myself, maybe flip through some of the books I brought home, or perhaps really start on a drawing or painting for the portfolio but … umm, yeah. Who am I kidding? :|

Happy new year!

P.S. Forgot to comment about HP and the Deathly Hallows. I just don’t want Harry to die, but the title sure sounds menacing. :cry: What do you think? Oh, and I like the new version of Firefox. :D Reminds me of Opera for some reason.


  1. Aneesah says:

    It means lizard, yeah. :D So basically Cicakman’s like Spiderman, only instead of web coming out of his wrist, he has a long, long tongue. :lol:

  2. Kat says:

    Holy shmoly that’s a long post! I think I’ll have to come back to read this one fully :-P

  3. Aneesah says:

    Well, you better come back and read it. :shakefist:

  4. Huimei says:

    Whee! I got what you meant! The other time (sme donkey years ago) when I was at Australia, the hotel had exactly the same thing! And I was just so so so amazed! lol.

    Hmm, I hvae troubles looking for school bags too. I love those one-shoulder bags (I want to get a crumpler!) but I guess my arm/ neck would break from the heavy books.

    I like the crafts you’ve made. I bet that you mum would be going around telling her colleagues that the bag was made by her smart daughter! Haha. I would be a really proud mum if you were my daughter!

  5. Aneesah says:

    Ooh, I’ve heard of crumplers too. Another style that I like is one-strap backpacks. They’re like messengers; the strap across your chest, only the bag is on your back. :D

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