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By Aneesah, 22 Apr 12

If you would remember, I’d frequently mention how — since returning to Malaysia and entering the 9-6 workforce — life became such a routine. I became a total robot. And also how difficult it was to meet up with old friends. In fact, immediately after coming back here, I felt like I had very few friends! :cry: It was one of those transition phases: school friends have just been separated too far by time and distance (and I never had one of those really tight “geng”s, just a few good ex-classmates), my UK friends who have graduated lived in various places (some near, some far, but all equally tricky to meet), a good handful of them are still in the UK because they are juniors, I don’t have cousins who are my age and/or I am close to, so all of this leaves me with … nobody much at all. *_*

Timelapse of sunrise at Broga Hill

Another issue that I thought about was how Malaysians tend to meet up with friends by “lepaking”. Mainly at shopping malls (malls? I is so American -_-; ) or anywhere that serves food. People can spend their whole weekend there: watching movies, bowling, eating, shopping, talking, did I mention eating? Of course there are alternatives — art galleries / exhibitions, events and programs, outdoor activities … oh, and weddings ^^; but the majority of us still end up in malls. It’s not necessarily that we want to spend our time that way, but it happens to be the convenient way (well-known places, good accessibility, everybody likes sitting+eating+talking). Otherwise, we would be lepaking at home with the TV and computer(s). :suspicious:

View from hiking up Bukit Tabuh. I used to live in the valley of this hill!

And then, back in January, my fellow architecture ex-classmate-during-A-Levels, Hisham (Icam), came up with an idea & posted it on Facebook:

how do you tubuh kan kelab eh? rasa macam nak buat kelab Weekenders.

Weekenders ialah kelab untuk orang yg kerja keras pada weekdays dan ingin enjoy pada hari Weekend

antara aktiviti yang dah terpikir ialah belajar basic engine kereta/motor so that bila rosak nanti boleh identify sendiri or repair sikit bagi boleh jalan sampai workshop, at least takde lah tersadai atas jalan tunggu orang tolong atau pun orang ‘tolong’ (rompak) kan.

aktiviti lain ialah panjat gunung/bukit waktu subuh and solat subuh atas tu, then turun mandi sungai buat bbq.

then ada aktiviti fotografi sambil joging dekat taman tasek or putrajaya.

lain-lain aktiviti;

mencerap bulan dan bintang pada waktu malam di taman sambil baring dan ajk buat bbq dekat tepi tu. (asing lelaki perempuan of course)

subuh di masjid ramai-ramai lepas tu tengok matahari naik dekat masjid besi, lepas breakfast, pergi rumah anak yatim/masjid gotong royong, tak pun ke balai raya tolong kemas2.

ada team untuk identify kemiskinan di tempat masing-masing, sekerap mungkin buat donation di pasar malam sambil menayangkan video atas projektor tentang kesusahan hidup mangsa, lepas tu next weekend pergi ramai-ramai buat kenduri dekat situ happy kan anak beranak dia, kemas rumah, baiki ape yang patut, bagi sumbangan, sape yang nak bagi sumbangan secara sembunyi time tu pun boleh, tinggal duit celah bantal or tilam (kalau diorang ada lah).

acara sampingan lain;

belajar komputer dan melukis.

ada cadangan lain? ^^

And so, Weekenders Club was born.

Logo designed by Icam + Moon (Icamoon? :P)

(OK perhaps it wasn’t that instant. Starting up always takes time and careful planning and everything.  :) ) (Here’s Icam’s entry on Weekenders Club. It’s also in BM.)

I’ve now joined about three of the official activities: hiking up Broga Hill (4 March 2012), Weekenders’ Cook & Feed at an orphanage in Cheras (1 April 2012), and hiking up Tabur/h Hill (8 April 2012). Let me just mention some stuff that … I want to mention. :B

Curly plant up in Bukit Tabuh. Seriously I'm not a hiker, but the views/photo opportunities make it all worth it!

  • Often, the ones who come to each event don’t know everyone else because this club is open to all. We may bring a few friends of our own, but it is only on the day itself, while activity-ing, that we berta’aruf (get to know one another). And subhanAllah, this has not been a problem at all in running the events. I’ve always liked meeting new people, or friends of my friends, and I think, somehow, because we gathered for the same good niat (intention), the day goes smoothly and we all get along very well and dandy, alhamdulillah.
  • This platform and the events provide opportunities for existing friends to meet up for good causes. And it doesn’t have to be only your circle of friends from school, or only your hang-out friends — you can just invite people that you know from various phases of your life (I’ve even brought my mum along once), and they can get to know each other, and from then on it will not be awkward or anything. :D Usually, if it were a private plan to gather your circle of friends for an activity, it would likely be much more difficult to find the right time and place for everyone. =/ But with Weekenders Club, the dates are set, and if anyone you invite cannot make it, they’ll (inshaAllah) still have next time.
  • The activities we plan remind me of the stuff we used to do in school or college (eg. recreational activities, charity events, reaching out to the community), but that we have not done once we leave that phase. In reality, we really should continue spreading good and being active members of this world even if we’re now workers with limited free time, or with families of our own, or with other commitments too. The club and society activities back then should have just been practice runs for life-in-the-real-world.

Broga Hill panorama as a tiny planet

  • Facebook has been a vital tool for communication and gathering people and planning events. I understand that some of my friends have eliminated Facebook from their lives, or never entered in the first place, but I believe a tool is what you make of it. Facebook makes lots of things very convenient, in a good way.
  • Part of the fun that we have in Weekenders is the stuff we share after the event ended. MashaAllah, we have very talented photographers (and videographer… but we have yet to see any completed outcomes yet… *cough*) and writers and doodlers! :clap: It just makes me feel so cool to even know these kinds of people. ;) They’re funny and nice and sweet even though you haven’t known them for long at all. (This might be what is called ukhuwwah? ^_^ )

Photos from Cook & Feed at Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera

Another Broga timelapse: I just love that mist that slinks off like a caterpillar...

Broga sunrise panorama. I've taken so many of these that morning, heh.

Anyway, there are many more photos on Facebook. We have a Page, and a Group, and although the activities so far have been around the Klang Valley & in Malaysia, you seriously could just steal this idea and run with it.  :nod: Gather some good souls, plan a good cause (eg. learn new skills, spend time with the needy, appreciate nature) and fill your weekends with beneficial activities. :boogie: K bye!

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  1. It seems like you had a good time hiking! You’re right about Facebook, it is what you make of it. I can never eliminate Facebook completely out of my life, but it is something that is useful to a certain extent.

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