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By Aneesah, 10 Nov 06

Typed on 31 October 2006:

I tagged along to a yoga class with my mother this morning. Yes, yoga. I feel totally unfit now. My fingers and even face were all tingly towards the end; apparently ’cause my blood was flowing through. Meaning my blood wasn’t flowing all this while? O_o And the stretching stuff was way harder than it looked, and the sit-up stuff … God, the sit-up stuff. :| I could barely do those.

There were only like five people though, and you pay when you come to the class. The nicest part was when you could close your eyes (although I had to peek once in a while to see the instructor; whether I was doing it correctly) and only hear whatever music that was playing from the corner. There were even forest-y sounds with birds chirping. ^_^

I hope my muscles don’t become sore tomorrow. Pleeeeeeease don’t… :/

[ Update: Oh, they were extremely sore. Why did I even bother to hope otherwise? :roll: ]

I’m going back to college tonight. Final exams tomorrow. But after 10 days it’ll be the holidays! Holidays, people! :boogie: Till 7 January 2007! :yay: I’ll need to clean up my hostel room and bring all my clothes home and stuff the rest of the … stuff in my locker, although next year I’ll probably stay in the same room anyway. (Couldn’t find any rooms in the girls’ college that’s in a renovated block, has vacancy, is at the ground or 2nd floor, and whose occupants [thanks Qis for helping me remember this word! ^^; Occupant. Got it.] I already know or at least recognise.)

Video Blog III

Speaking of hostel room, I cheated and speeded up the unedited portion of my third vlog, which shows my room. Was just way too lazy, man. So at roughly minute 1:04 the audio gets non-understandable. ^^; But I have a description below, so just wait for it to load, and hit Play. (IE users won’t be able to see the loading countdown thing, so just wait a little longer. ^^; )

Video Blog 3

So, after the subtitles disappear, I was basically showing pictures of Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia’s #1 female singer who had just gotten married to an older man named Datuk K (Khalid, but people call him Datuk K). He’s 20 years her senior (Siti is 27) and has four kids and had just gotten divorced a short time before marrying Siti. Yeah. Understandably, many of her fans were disappointed ’cause they’d envisioned her with someone her age, I guess.

But anyway, that story’s long over and Siti now has the title Datuk (or Dato’, I’m not sure of the spelling) too, given by the King of Pahang. Datuk is basically like “Sir” or “Lord” or something like that. Except females can get Datuk as well. When Siti married Datuk K she automatically received the title Datin, meaning wife of a Datuk. But now since she’s gotten Datuk too, Datuk is used.

Her wedding dresses were totally gorgeous, one of them was Cinderella-ish, complete with puffy sleeves. We didn’t quite like the way her hair was done, though. Made her look old.

Okay, then I showed you my red file full of Maths notes. (Yeah, Maths. Notes. Go figure.) And then came the mirror and I poked my cheek to show how chubby they’ve become :roll: , then the rest of the room, including the plastic bag of food beside the bed :P , then the living room, went to the kitchen. Jar of peanut butter. :P Then the black plastic bags — those contain the ugly-dirty-blackened curtains from my room that I’ve replaced with a pretty-clean-green one from home, and also several ugly-dirty-blackened pillows from our beds that we’ve replaced with pretty-clean-white pillows.

Next, my shoes. The brown ones were worn every single day and one of them completely tore at the side right before the Eid holidays. :suspicious: (I’ve now gotten two new pairs of sandals, yay.) Beside them were my grey sports shoes, orange flip-flops, and black closed-toe shoes; all of which I rarely wear. (Don’t do sports that much, don’t need to wear the flip-flops, black shoes too uncomfortable.)

And that is the end.

Raya / Eid

Raya 2006What we did during Raya 2006We call Eid Raya here, or Hari Raya. Which means Celebration or Celebration Day. :) Our Raya was fine, we went to Johor (the trip took a mere 2.5 hours — my brother drove fast) for about 5 days, stayed in two houses, ate my stepgrandmother’s ice-cream, ate her kuih siput (awesome addictive stuff, like how nuts and other munchy crunchy snacks are addictive), drove around Muar, went to the beach, attempted to fly a kite on the beach, saw wild monkeys, took pictures of said wild monkeys, took many many photos of ourselves; most with crazy weird faces (we had three cameras this time ’round: mine [Canon Digital IXUS i zoom], my elder brother’s [Nikon D50 — he had to buy it for photography class at school], and my younger brother’s [Canon Powershot A430], Fireworks ArtFireworks Artdid the usual house-hopping (although not as many as previous Rayas, which is good), received some duit raya (money in packets, much like the Chinese angpows — I’ve spent all of mine on the new sandals, unfortunately -_-; ), watched some movies on our portable DVD player (my youngest brother is seriously obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants the Movie; he’s probably memorised the whole thing by now O_o ), and played bunga api (fireworks). :D

That was a long sentence. :nod:

I have a ketupat-making video here. I’ve told you about ketupat, right? If not, then go to Wikipedia. :P We bought coconut leaves from somewhere by the side of a road (people pick and sell them around Eid season) and made the casings and brought them along to our village. There are many types of casings you can make, the video shows two — a fatter one which I don’t know the name of and the flatter square-diamond type called ketupat sate. Another common one is like the ketupat sate but with a … er, gusset, I suppose, (gusset is a sewing term ^^; ) so it’s blockier and thicker. I’ve made those but I kept forgetting how, so I didn’t record it. People also make ketupat cases from ribbons as decorations.

Making a ketupat. Or two.Forgive the distracting background stuff (and the random zooming — blame my brother), I was just sprawled on the sofa while watching American Chopper at the same time. :lol: And I sped up the moments when I was tightening the weaves, they’re boring. And I’m probably going too fast for anybody to follow anyway.

I guess that’s about it. Gotta go back to studying. Five subjects is far less than the 11 (and more) that we had to take in secondary school, but the exams and studying for the exams aren’t less challenging. At all.


Okay, all of the above was blogged ages ago but I haven’t managed to upload the videos till today, November 10th. Exams are over, some of them … sucked, for lack of a better (worse?) word, but whatever. :T It’s the holidays now and I’m off to being a couch potato for two months. Except … apparently I have to start on driving lessons (which I should’ve done last February :| ) and work on my portfolio (though my plan is to just start sketching things) and read some of those Toastmasters manuals (just got the starter kit or whatever you call ’em — there’s a whole lotta … stuff to read in there :suspicious: ). Possibly straighten out this site and get some theme-making projects at RentACoder.

New clothes3 new outfitsOh, right; I mentioned I’d take pictures of my new clothes or something in the last entry, right? Well, I haven’t really worn them, in public, just ’cause there’s no occasion for them yet, I guess. (These were a bit too modern for Raya at kampung.) But I posed around in them in my room one day, so here they are. :) I did have to crop off my head in the pics, though; I wasn’t wearing my scarf. :P The first blue one is a knee-length top with a pattern that reminds me of hotel room curtains (nice-looking ones). It came with blue pants but I wore white ones there. The other blue outfit is the 20-ringgit, a-lil-too-big-for-me baju kurung with embroidery down the front. I’ve altered the sleeves so it doesn’t look that big anymore. The black jacket is my favourite of the lot, I call it the Matrix jacket. :lol: (As in, you know, The Matrix movies. Neo and Trinity and the other guys who all wear black.) It was meant to be buttoned with its own pants but I was wearing it as a jacket with other pants and a black t-shirt underneath. The little round bubbles in the pics are just close-ups of the details.

Phew. All right, see ya, bye!

P.S. Say happy birthday to Chelsea! ^_^


  1. Rebecca says:

    Is the word you’re searching for roommate? Or perhaps boarders or tenants? Haha, there are a lot of words for people who live in buildings.

    The firework art is so neat. As well as your graphic displaying what you did on Eid.

    Heh, that one jacket does look like something out of the Matrix. :)

  2. Aneesah says:

    Nope nope. Not roommate/boarder/tenant. Like, a general person that happens to be inside a house/building/place, not necessarily an apartment room. My brain keeps stopping at the word “companion”, which has nothing to do with the word I’m searching for, but maybe it sounds similar? :-?
    I know, the jackets in The Matrix rock. :)

  3. Chau says:

    Thanks for commenting, Aneesah! I’ll respond back to some of the comments in my next entry, and I’ll be sure to e-mail you to let you know that it’s up!

    Anyways… Hehe about yoga… Maybe I should try that someday…

    Ooh, good luck with finals! And you get a vacation soon?! Lucky! Hehe.

    Ooh, Celebration Day… That actually sounds awesome! Hehe.

    Anyways, wow, those outfits looks awesome!

  4. Qis says:

    Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf zahir dan batin! Your Raya sounds awesome. Mine was so un-Raya-like because I had to go back to college on the third day. Sad, eh?

    Penghuni… Hmm, might your word be occupant? Just a wild stab in the dark here, I hope it sounds vaguely similar with companion. Hehe.

    Ugh, yoga sounds torturous. I’m awed that you managed to pull the whole thing through, my mom has been trying to get me to follow her to her yoga classes for ages. I’m always too ‘busy’, though.

    When I saw the ketupat link in Wikipedia, I was like, ‘For real?!’. Gosh, Wikipedia is the god of the most random information!

    I’m loving the outfits. My favourite is the blue hotel curtain one. Nice!

    Ciao and hope you have a good holiday!

  5. elysia says:

    …how about inhabitant for that word?

    I like your ‘fireworks art’

  6. Rebecca says:

    No words seem to be coming to mind.. and companion definitely doesn’t ring any bells.

  7. Aneesah says:

    Occupant, yess! :boogie: Hahaha, “companion” is kind of a stretch in the similar-sounding department. ^^; Thanks Qis!

    Oh, and Wikipedia can be edited by anybody, so I’m sure some good-natured Malaysian typed in the entry for ketupat. There’s also a whole other version of Wikipedia just for Malaysia, I’ve just realised. Things sound weird in BM, though. O_o

  8. Aneesah says:

    Inhabitant’s good too, but I think it was occupant. God, my word-recalling skills need some work. -_-;

  9. Brenda says:

    Gosh, I miss you too, girl! I guess being busy with schoolwork makes it hard to maintain weblogs. :(
    Anyway, the aching of the muscles is actually caused by your muscles loosening up. After several months of nonactivity and lack of exercises, our muscles actually become stiff. And speaking of which, I need exercise too.

    This is horribly late, but Selamat Hari Raya!

  10. Yingna says:

    Yoga does kill sometimes…I remember I took it last year in my school for a semester. At least, it isn’t as bad as pilates. That really kills you.

  11. michan says:

    You just reminded me that I don’t have grey pants. X_X;;
    Aneesah~! I want to wear your clothes! XD

  12. Aneesah says:

    Hmm, I don’t have grey pants either. I need more brownish and greyish pants; I keep wearing jeans and black and white. :nod:

  13. Aneesah says:

    Haha, I immediately thought of pilates when my mother first mentioned yoga, although they’re very different from each other. I think yoga’s more relaxed compared to the extreme-stretching-with-all-the-equipment that is pilates. Right?

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