My Favourite Daily Apps (2018)

22 May 18

So here’s the thing about apps — one can make so many excuses for not needing them! For me they went something like this… I can just use manual pen & paper/notebook: ha. You think? Only to be misplaced, or have papers flying everywhere, or inevitably have the baby chew on them? Apps keep me […]

Motherhood Myths

21 Apr 18

I thought I’d do this for fun. And maybe so I can look back one day and re-think my perceptions… or just laugh at my younger self! 1. Labour is painful / excruciating / traumatic InshaAllah, with some effort and luck , giving birth can be much less than traumatic. I’ve written about both of […]

Functional Home DIYs

9 Apr 18

Continuing the home-y spirit of the last entry, here’s a list of things we’ve made around the house. A couple of notes: It’s a rental, so there’s nothing too crazy done. We’ve lived here for about a year and a half. Still fixing-upping it bit by bit, next is probably the yard & outside of […]

Laundry made easier

26 Mar 18

It was only recently that I seemed to fully embrace and accept my role as a housewife slash stay-at-home mother, after 3 years of being one! I haven’t written much about life as a modern-day housewife (there’s probably only a tiny bit here) yet these things definitely deserve to be talked about. Running a household […]

Why Blogging Needs to Come Back

15 Mar 18

Assalamu’alaikum. It’s been awhile! I’ll keep this short because I hope (!) that I’ll finally keep to this writing habit, especially after having come up with this entry. 1. Some people just need to write I might have been in denial of this, but the fact is that for most of my life, I have […]

Baby#2’s Birth Story

7 Sep 17

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. I have dragged myself here to blog about this important, life-changing milestone that is the birth of our second son!  I really wish to have this written down and documented just like Nu’man’s birth story — otherwise I know I would forget the details. The account below is quite […]

Mulu, Sarawak

17 Jun 17

This is a slight throwback as our trip was in April 2017. It was a work-related trip (husband’s, obviously) and I was quite excited at the prospect of being able to come too, because: We’ve never technically had a holiday as a family. Though coming home to the West Coast (our parents’ places) sometimes feel […]

Design Walkthrough: Ramadan Campaign Poster

27 May 17

I’ve hardly ever done tutorials for my graphic design work, perhaps with the exception of one post which talks about my digital doodlenote workflow. I remember following and reading Alia Nadhirah‘s blog entries though — she is a talented medical-illustrator-to-be — and greatly enjoying her reflections and analysis on her own designs. I thought I […]

A letter to my son

23 May 17

I wanted to write this so I wouldn’t forget, like after he’s no longer my only child, or my mum-brain gets progressively worse over the years… Dearest Nu’man, Even though you are in your Terrible Twos, life with you is not all terrible. It is an honour and a joy to witness and take part […]

And He plans

29 Dec 16

Assalamu’alaikum! 2016 came with surprises and is leaving with some very welcomed closure. It is so cliché but true: that we plan, we have expectations and wishes, but God’s plan is the best and ultimately the one we submit to. What I would remember from this year is the time that I was this close […]